The Best 10 Beaches in Turkey

The Best 10 Beaches in Turkey

Want to spend your honeymoon or vacation on a beautiful beach this summer? We did some research and found the best there is in the world of beaches when it comes to beautiful sunny Turkey.

Here are the top 10 beaches in Turkey

#1 Patara (Fethiye): This beach 75 km south of Fethiye is Turkey's finest accommodations.

patara sand in Turkey 

#2 Ölüdeniz (Fethiye): Once you visit this beach, the only place you need to see is the Blue Lagoon where you can find still waters in no less than three shades of turquoise. This beach has the best snorkeling and diving areas. It is also a great beach for paragliding due to the incredible views created by the foothills of the rolling mountains close to the beach and visibility from the air.

Fethiye beach in Turkey

#3 Pirlanta Beach (Çesme Peninsula): This means diamond in Turkish. White sandy beaches covering the peninsula, this beach is long and wide and faces the open Aegean. It's also easily accessible by dolmus (minivan-type public transportation) from Çesme's town center.

Cesme Peninsula in Turkey

#4 Göltürkbükü (Bodrum Peninsula): Serene still waters at the shoreline of small villages is what this beach is all about.

Bodrum beaches in Turkey

#5 Alanya Beach: Keep in mind that the stone beaches are absolutely hot hot hot during the busy summer months of June, July, and August. Alanya beaches are close to Antalya, where you can explore many historical sites too.

Alanya Beach in Turkey

#6 Kemer Beach: It is one of the best beaches in Turkey. It is very relaxing, and not overcrowded. It’s more of a stone beach than a sand beach.

Kemer Beach in Turkey

#7 Amos Beach: This beach was once a Roman settlement and the remains of the small amphitheater provide a great location for taking in the stunning views across the bay.

Amos Beach in Turkey

#8 Ovabuku Beach: On the Dacta peninsula, you can enjoy this small bay of rough sand and clear blue waters. It is also surrounded by a beautiful countryside of pine forests mixed with oak, myrtle and carob trees.

Ovabuku Beach in Turkey

#9 Olympos Beach: Surrounded by mountains, a long stretch of pebbly sand and crystal clear waters, Olympos is a secluded village that is filled with charm and solitude. 

Olympos Beach in Turkey

#10 Kızkalesi (Silifke): Known only to locals and savvy foreigners, the beach is smaller than the other beaches but the magical view castle out at sea makes up for it.

Kizkalesi - Silifke in Turkey


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