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Beautiful Honeymoon Resorts in Turkey

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Beautiful Honeymoon Resorts in Turkey

From the architectural wonders in Istanbul to the vast coastline in Bodrum, Turkey has built a reputation of being the best place to go for a honeymoon.

This beautiful country offers different things in each of its towns; one gets to enjoy the deep culture in the westernized Istanbul and a breathtaking aqua life on the opposite side.

The resorts in Turkey offer beach lovers many water sports, daily fun activities, and a custom-made atmosphere for honeymooners.

So here are some of the best resorts for honeymoon in Turkey keeping in mind privacy, theme, services, and facilities.

Gloria Serenity Resort

Gloria Serenity Resort

  • It's the best of the Gloria chain of hotels primarily because it’s located in the midst of a beautiful pine forest and a private beach.
  • It's surrounded by a golf course to unwind.
  • It has private villas with pools, Jacuzzis and gardens.
  • There is a spa that offers numerous treatments.
  • There are a couple of restaurants inside offering cuisine from all over the world, they also offer room service.
D-Resort Grand Azur Hotel, Marmaris

D-Resort Grand Azur Hotel, Marmaris

  • It's the most beautiful hotel in the world because it is situated on a beautiful golden beach.
  • It has landscaped gardens, waterfalls, a river and a palm island.
  • All rooms have a sea view and are close to the big swimming pool.
  • There is a fabulous spa in addition to Turkish steam rooms.
  • It has three restaurants and there is 24 hours entertainment.
  • They offer couple friendly sports.
Hilton Dalaman Resort & Spa, Sarigerme

Hilton Dalaman Resort & Spa, Sarigerme

  • Its location offers spectacular views of the Mediterranean, beautiful mountains and the Dalaman River.
  • There is water all over thanks to the interconnecting swimming pools leading to the private beach and a fabulous water park to play in.
  • Other relaxing activities include a visit to the world class spa, steam room and sauna.
  • Rooms have all amenities and any extra request is granted.
  • There are seven different restaurants to experiment your taste buds.
D-Resort Gocek

D-Resort Gocek

  • It's very close to the Gocek village where one can go to experience the Turkish culture.
  • It has a private beach and breathtaking crystal clear waters.
  • There are special honeymoon rooms and a spa.
  • Fun activities include water sports and a boat ride across the ocean.
Palmetto Resort

Palmetto Resort

  • The Palmetto resort is a cozy private place for couples. The fishing activities here make one feel like they are camping but they are not.
  • There is a big pool on top of the clear blue sea waters.
  • There are honeymoon suites that have a separate living room, balcony and beautiful palm tree gardens.
  • People can relax in the floating sunbathing platforms besides the sea and see the sun set.
Jade Residence

Jade Residence

  • It's a secluded residential resort for honeymooners who value total privacy plus there are no children present.
  • The place has beautiful private gardens, Jacuzzi, sunbathing platforms and mattresses besides the pool.
  • The wicker furniture and swing seats make the place feel really authentic and classic.
  • The bar and restaurant have beautiful views of the beach.
Flow Datca Hotel

Flow Datca Hotel

  • This modern sandy beach hotel offers Turkish culture and modernization in balance.
  • The private beach and the pool have sunbeds, free towels, shades and a beach bar.
  • The view of hundreds of plants and bird species is worth the cost of a Turkey travel visa plus one is trained to wind surf.
  • There are numerous facilities and children are kept busy all day.

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