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Honeymoon Destination: Go Greece!

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Honeymoon Destination: Go Greece!

Greece is one of the most beautiful countries in the world. If you are looking for a romantic vacation or an adventurous experience, Greece is the place to go to on your honeymoon.

Whether you love art, food, coffee, or just lounging by the beach, you will find everything you could possibly think of in this magical country.

Here are a few spots you should definitely visit if you’re planning on going to Greece for your honeymoon:

  • Mykonos:

Mykonos is the center of entertainment, night clubs and events. You will enjoy the buzzing life on its streets, a place where most fashionistas and celebrities spend their time in.

Mykonos Greece

  • Meteora:

For some quiet time and solemnity, Meteora is the place to go! You will absolutely fall in love with its historic feel.According to Lonely Planet: "The monasteries of Meteora are one of the most extraordinary sights in mainland Greece.

Meteora in Greece

Built into and on top of huge pinnacles of smooth rock, the earliest monasteries were reached by climbing articulated removable ladders. Later, windlasses were used so monks could be hauled up in nets, a method used until the 1920s."

  • Delphi:

Located on a cliff's edge, Delphi is one of the most popular tourist attractions, as it has the Sanctuary of Apollo, and many other historic sites.

  • Crete:

Crete is Greece's largest island, so make sure to stop by the ruins of the Minoan palace of Knossos, the Venetian fortresses of Rethymo, the old mosques and Byzantine monasteries and the cave that is the legendary birthplace of Zeus.

Greek island of Crete

  • Santorini:

Known for its beautiful black and red rock cliffs, white washed houses and blue domes, Santorini is a magical place.If you've watched Mamma Mia and thought the movie was filmed in a beautiful place, this is your opportunity to visit it.

Hiking in Santorini from Oia to Fira - Greece

Lonely Planet advises: Santorini is famous for its spectacular sunsets. The village of Oia on the northern tip of the island is a hugely popular sunset viewing site because there is an uninterrupted view of the sun as it finally sinks below the horizon.

  • Rhodes:

The capital of the Greek islands, Rhodes is one of the largest islands around. It lies outside and within the walls of a very well preserved Venetian castle, built by the Knights of Saint John, so you will be looking at one of the finest examples of medieval architecture.

  • Corfu:

Nicknamed the "Happy Isle" and the "Emereald Isle," Corfu is blessed with lush mountains and wild flowers. It also has amazing beaches, where you can sit and relax or enjoy many water games and activities.

Greek island of Corfu

For food lovers:Greeks are known for their fantastic cuisine! They are also known to be some of the most hospitable people in the world! They love coffee, food and a good time.You will find Feta cheese and olive oil in every kitchen, so be sure to taste some traditional dishes such as the "tzatziki" and grilled "souvlaki."

Facts you should know:

  • Population: 10 million.
  • Language: Greek, English rarely spoken.
  • Visa: All travelers will need a passport valid for at least 90 days following your departure date from Greece.
  • Currency: Euro (Click here to convert).
  • Temperature: Click here

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