How to Accessorize Your Abaya This Ramadan and Eid

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How to Accessorize Your Abaya This Ramadan and Eid

Every woman loves accessories, but your accessories can either make or break your outfit and entire look. Accessories not only give your Abaya a stylish and personalized look, but they can also give you endless options to style different looks while still wearing the same black abaya.

You can get easily bored with your old abayas, and you are probably looking for some new styles to celebrate this Ramadan and Eid.

We have a few creative ways that can help you revamp your abayas and get a whole new look.

Here are a few creative ways to accessorize your abayas:



If your abaya is black, why not add a pop of color to it? Of course, any color goes with black, so choose the color you prefer. For example, the beautiful color of turquoise stones looks great with black! They also have a fresh summery look to them. So go for it and add some turquoise colored accessories to your abaya.


For a cool and edgy look, add some accessories with studs to your black abaya. They will look more edgy and modern. 


Get inspired by vintage looks and accessories and add them to your abaya for an elegant and timeless look.


Long pearl necklaces are perfect to wear with abaya as it will not be covered by your headscarf and looks very elegant and chic.

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