How to Avoid Gaining Weight After Your Wedding

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How to Avoid Gaining Weight After Your Wedding

Brides are always looking after their figure and weight before their wedding.

But once the wedding is over, many brides tend to relax and enjoy the honeymoon phase a little too much.

It is easy to keep track of what you eat and how you excercise before the wedding, but the true hectic schedule comes after your wedding, you will find yourself taking a break from your diet on your honeymoon, and once you're back it won't be easy getting back on track.

But we have some tips to help you avoid gaining weight after your wedding.


You need to plan for your healthy meals and your excercise, plan your meals for the week and schedule your workouts to stay organized and stick to a schedule.

Plate Your Meals:

Plating your meal will help you control the portions you eat, unlike in the Middle East where large servings of food are placed on the table, have 2 meals ready for you and your partner and no more for seconds.

One Serving Only:

Again, if you're eating at someone's else house and can't plate your meal, stick to one plate or serving only, devide your plate to 1/4 protiend and 1/2 vegetables, and try to avoid the carbs.

Treat Yourself: 

After a long week of eating healthy you and your husband should look forward to a treat at the end of the week, ice cream anyone?

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