How To Evade Suspicion When Planning Your Secret Proposal

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How To Evade Suspicion When Planning Your Secret Proposal

If you have been with your partner for a long time, it would be tough to keep as big as a wedding proposal a secret. So before you buy a ring or plan about asking the big question, you must first think how you can keep your plans hidden from your beloved’s prying eyes and listening ears.

Below are tips to help you evade suspicion when planning your secret proposal:

Be Careful How You Pay For The Rings

Shopping for engagement rings is easier than you think, especially because now you can safely buy online. The difficulty lies in how to hide the proof of payment for the ring. Once she sees your bank statement or a credit card receipt, she’ll either think that you’re proposing or, worse, having an affair with another!

So months before you buy an engagement ring, apply for a new credit card or open a bank account that your partner doesn’t know about. Better yet, save and pay in cash. Find a trusted family member, maybe your sister or a parent, to whom you can have the ring shipped. To make things simpler, you can personally pick the ring from the store.

Don’t Overdo Your Cover Story

Many people think that lying about not wanting to get married or pretending to be uninterested in weddings and proposals is the best way to keep their plans a secret. However, doing so could often backfire and ruin your proposal. By exaggerating your bluff or lying to your would-be spouse just so you can keep your plan a secret, you risk having issues that may even damage your relationship and prevent the wedding from happening. 

On the one hand, if your partner knows you too well, she’ll be able to see through your story. On the other hand, if you’re a good actor, your actions and statements could be interpreted as true and might hurt your loved one. Your bluff can spark misunderstandings that can be hard to mend. 

Find A Good Hiding Place

The best spaces to keep your ring while waiting for the right moment to propose are places your partner doesn’t typically check out. You can hide the ring in your toolbox, but only if you have a secure place to hide it and no one else has access to it. You can also keep the precious stone with your action figures, comic book collection, or dry camera box. Your partner knows that these things are your treasures, and she won’t bother poking around those things.

Now, if you’re planning an out-of-town or even an out-of-the-country proposal, keeping the engagement ring safe can also pose a challenge. You don’t want airport security to ruin your surprise. So keep the ring in your carry-on baggage for security reasons. But be sure to carefully pack your bag, ensuring that there’s nothing in it that will alarm airport security.


Keep The Plan To Yourself

People who are planning a surprise are often giddy or nervous, primarily if they’re not used to keeping a secret. They want to get things off their chests and tell their friends and family about the surprise. But once you spill the beans, you’re setting yourself up for disaster.

So if you want to ensure that nobody will spread the news about your proposal, keep it to yourself as much as possible. However, if you’re going to ask permission from your partner’s parents, you really can’t help but share with them your plan to propose. You can ask the parents weeks or months before your proposal and you can opt not to tell them how you plan to pop the question. This way, your proposal will still be a surprise.

Keep Things As Normal As You Can

Everybody wants to make their wedding proposal a special moment in their life. So you’re probably planning a big trip or a reservation at a luxurious restaurant. It’s okay to go overboard and make special preparations.

But if you want your proposal to be a surprise, you must merge your plans with things that the both of you normally do. For example, if you always take an out-of-town trip during summer, don’t change things up by asking your partner to go on an impromptu vacation during winter.

The Bottom Line

Keeping your proposal plan may be difficult, but it’s not impossible. Even if your special someone is good at reading your mind, there are many ways to achieve your goal of surprising your partner when you pop the question. Just be creative and try to get the best engagement ring within your budget. Now that’d be the real surprise.

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