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How to Get Longer Hair Before Your Wedding

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How to Get Longer Hair Before Your Wedding

If you're trying to grow your hair before your wedding but don't know how to get healthy long hair? We are here to help you out!

Arab brides usually prefer to have longer hair for their wedding so they can style it however they want.

With 5 easy tips and tricks you will be able to have long and healthy hair before your wedding:

  1. Hair Serums: Use hair serums rich with Kerastase and massage your scalp once or twice a week.
  2. Dye Overdo: Obsessed with hair dyes and highlights? Try your best not to have them very frequently or back to back so your hair has time to heal.
  3. Avoid The Blow Dryer, Curlers and Flat Irons: Using these items on daily basis can dry and ruin your hair so try to avoid using them as much as possible before the wedding.
  4. Tying and Pulling: Treat your hair gently and try not to tie it up too tight, before the wedding try your best to keep your hair down or tie it loosely using a silk or cotton hair tie.
  5. Use DIY Masks: Natural hair masks can help your hair and scalp become healthier and promote it's growth.

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