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How to Lose Weight in Ramadan Before Your Wedding

How to Lose Weight Before Your Wedding During Ramadan

Are you having your wedding after the holy month of Ramadan? Then don't give in to the delicious food and sweets during Ramadan. We are here to help you stick to the perfect diet in Ramadan to lose weight.

If you are still wondering how to lose weight in Ramadan, we are here to help you out!

It is always difficult to keep track of your diet and weight during Ramadan, but if you're having you're wedding soon after the month ends, then you will have to take care of what you eat and how you exercise.

To help you lose weight in Ramadan, we have some great tips to help brides-to-be keep their healthy figures during Ramadan.

Here are some easy and simple tips to on how to lose weight in Ramadan:

  • Eat small portions of everything after Iftar till Suhoor. Check out: Your Guide to a Healthy Suhoor!
  • Limit your carbohydrate intake, and don't eat as much bread, rice, or potatoes.
  • Limit your salt intake, add a little salt to your food so you don't bloat.
  • Avoid sugary drinks, juices, and sodas, and drink fresh juices and lots of water instead.
  • Avoid greasy or fried foods, and try to eat boiled or steamed foods instead.
  • Go for a walk an hour before Iftar, it is great to go walking while fasting, and you will feel more energized as well. Read: Exercise Tips During Ramadan!

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