How to Plan a Wedding While Living in a Different Country

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How to Plan a Wedding While Living in a Different Country

Planning a wedding in your own country can be stressful, how about planning it while living in another country?

We recently shared some tips on planning a wedding when you’re in a long distance relationship, read: "Tips for Long Distance Wedding Planning"

Here are additional tips to help you plan your wedding when you don’t live in the same country where your wedding will be held at!

One of the most important things to do while planning your wedding afar from each other is to remember to keep calm and not to panic.

Here are 5 tips to get you started:

Make a Location List: If you don’t live in the same country your wedding will be taking place at, what you need to do is divide up the tasks between both countries. For example, choose your wedding dress and accessories in the country you’re in right now, but make sure you add the venue, salon, florist to your checklist in the country where you will have your wedding at. Send or e-mail pictures of your ideal bouquet, cake, and so on, to your vendors as you come across them. Here are 2 ways we can help you in that:

Be Specific yet Flexible: Choosing a specific wedding theme, style, or color scheme will ease the wedding planning process. But at the same time, you should be flexible and work with what's available at the location of your wedding.

Go for Simple Things: For example, if you can’t be there to go over color swatches of your table linens, then choose a classic and safe color like white or ivory. 

Have Touch Base: Having at least one person in the wedding venue which you're hosting the wedding at will help you have an eye out there.  For example, ask your dad to book your limo, and your mom to go check on the florist. Delegate tasks to people you trust.

Set Appointments: You will have to meet with your wedding vendors once you get to your wedding country, so save time and meet with them in one day and make sure everything is clear before the big day.

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