How to Properly Take Care of Your Wedding Ring

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How to Properly Take Care of Your Wedding Ring

Your wedding ring is a symbol of your marriage and should be treated with care. It's what you wear when you don't want to show off your engagement or other rings. You should never clean it with harsh chemicals or abrasives, and it should always be stored in a safe place when not being worn. Here are some tips on how to properly take care of your wedding ring!

Fix and Prevent Damage to Your Rings

While your ring can certainly take a beating, it's important to fix and prevent any damage before it becomes worse. A common way that rings get damaged is by coming into contact with chemicals. If it accidentally happens, the best thing to do is remove the ring quickly and rinse it thoroughly under running water. Afterward, soak it in a mild soap solution for an hour before rinsing it again. You can also use toothpaste to help restore the ring's shine. If your ring is feeling dull, try rubbing it with a soft cloth or toothbrush dipped in baking soda or toothpaste before rinsing again.

On the other hand, a wedding ring can be damaged during hard work or exercise. If it loses its shape or gets scratched, the best solution is to take it to a jewelry repair service Virginia. The professional care will help to restore the appearance of your ring in no time.

Change of Color

Wedding rings can have their luster and become yellowed and dingy. This can be prevented by wearing the ring regularly. If you see your ring's color change, try soaking it in a mild soap solution and scrubbing gently to clean it. Again, toothpaste can be used for this purpose.

Color change also happens when the material in your ring reacts to chemicals you come into contact with. The best way to prevent this is by limiting exposure to things like detergents, bleach, hairspray, and tanning lotion.

Regular Cleaning

You should wipe your wedding ring with a soft, dry cloth when you wash your hands. It's a good idea to clean it once a month in a mild soap solution or the dishwasher with your other dishes. This is a kind of prevention to take off the layers of soap, dirt, and grime that can accumulate on the surface of your ring.

Storage Tips

When you're not wearing your ring, it's best to store it in a place that is protected from chemicals, heat, moisture, dust, cosmetics, or lotions. Avoid throwing the ring into a drawer or box with other jewelry since this can cause scratches. It's best to store the ring in a small cloth bag, which will minimize any potential damage. You could also purchase a box specifically designed for this purpose.

However, if you're not at home but need to take the ring off for some time, keep it on you. In this situation, it can be kept safe by placing it in a pocket or hidden spot in your purse or clothing.

If you want your wedding ring to stay sparkling, you must take care of it. The best way to do this is by following the tips provided in our article. You should never clean or store your rings with harsh chemicals and abrasives, but rather use mild soap solutions and soft cloths. If you regularly wear your ring, avoid anything that might damage it like harsh detergents or lotions which can cause a color change.

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