How to Treat Your Shaving Cuts

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How to Treat Your Shaving Cuts

Every man has had his fair share of shaving cuts, but now that you’re a groom, the last thing you want is a cut or blood clot on your face. So placing a piece of tissue on the cut might help but it’s time to get to know a few new tricks:

Splash cold water: The colder the water the better, it will cause your blood vessels to constrict and slow. You can even rub an ice cube on the cut as well.

Get a product especially made for shaving cuts: You can find these products at any pharmacy, look for “Styptic Pencil”, they include astringents which constrict the tissues in your skin and dry the blood in your cuts.

Antiperspirant deodorant: Dab a bit of antiperspirant deodorant to your cut, which acts as an astringent.

Lip balm: It will stop the bleeding and seal the wound, thanks to its waxy texture.

Vaseline: Just like the lip balm, it will help stop the bleeding and moisturize your skin.

Aftershave: Aftershave contains alcohol which has astringents, which will slow the bleeding. The alcohol will also act as an antiseptic which can prevent skin infection.

Listerine: It started out as a surgical antiseptic and was used to clean wounds on the battlefields in WWI, so dabbing it on your skin with a q-tip can really help.

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