Ideas and Tips For The Perfect Wedding Kosha

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Ideas and Tips For The Perfect Wedding Kosha

If you are an Arab bride then you sure know how important the kosha is to most Arab weddings. The kosha is always at the center of the wedding where the bride and groom are seated facing their wedding guests.

The kosha is very important at weddings especially in the Gulf region, where brides need their kosha to be unique and stunning.

Koshas are usually decorated and created to suit the theme of the wedding, and this is what prompts wedding planners to become more creative with the kosha designs.

Your wedding kosha can be a love seat, two armchairs or even a unique bench. You can get as creative as you want when it comes to your wedding kosha.

The design and decoration of the kosha depend on many things such as the bride and groom's personalities and taste, the wedding theme, the wedding venue, and whether the wedding is an indoor or outdoor wedding.

If you are a bride who wants a unique Kosha and stage, then you must look for inspiration and ideas first, and the best place to do so is right here on Arabia Weddings.

There are many kosha ideas and even trends that have become popular among brides, such as wedding koshas decorated with flowers and roses, which is perfect for any kind of wedding, whether it is an indoor wedding, beach wedding, or garden wedding, but most brides prefer white roses and flowers to decorate their wedding kosha especially if it is an indoor wedding, as for a garden or beach wedding, colored flowers look absolutely beautiful for a kosha in an outdoor venue. Brides are also loving the koshas that are filled with flowers covering all the kosha area from ceiling to floor. Not to forget about the lights and candles that add a touch of sparkle and shine to the setting.

Of course, the kosha colors should go with the flower colors and overall wedding theme, yellow lights add a romantic and warm vibe to the seating area, and adding candles in different sizes will add a unique touch to the kosha area.

The flooring should also blend well with the wedding theme and kosha to complete the kosha area, whether it is the color of the floor, the carpet, or printing and designs.

You can always add some crystals or even colored stones to decorate the kosha, and brides are loving this idea for a modern wedding.

This why we chose some of the most beautiful wedding koshas we spotted so far in 2018 for you to get some inspiration.

Modern Glam with Statement Background: By Ali Bakhtiar


Minimal Elegance: By Naqsha Events


Arabian Vibes: By Spring Rose Weddings


Bold Glamour: By Omar Gold


Great Gatsby Feel: By Majed Alabdullatif