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If you are in the Middle East then you probably know what a Kosha is, the kosha is a very important part of any Arab wedding, but for those who are unfamiliar with the Kosha, it is, normally, a seating area raised on a platform/stage, where the bride and groom sit facing their wedding guests surrounded by flowers and other decorations. The Kosha consists of a seating (which could be either a love seat, a couch or two arm chairs) decorated with flowers and other decorative materials depending on the wedding theme. 

In the Middle East and especially in the Gulf region, the Kosha, where the bride and groom are seated during their wedding, is a very important part of the wedding celebration. If you are a bride who wants a unique Kosha and stage, then you must look for inspiration and ideas here, on Arabia Weddings. 

If you’re a classic bride who loves to have a kosha at her wedding, but want a new and elegant twist to it, you are in luck. Arab wedding planners across the Middle East are getting very creative in decorating and presenting the traditional Kosha. Why is the Kosha so important? Because, most of the wedding pictures of the bride and groom, together with their families and friends, are taken at the kosha. So the kosha's decoration is a very important element of the whole wedding design and theme, and it consumes a good portion of the overall wedding budget. 

In this section you will find everything you need to know about the wedding kosha, from the best tips to have a wonderful kosha to all the ideas and inspiration you need for your wedding kosha. From Arab wedding planners to the latest trends, we bring you a section filled with stunning wedding koshas.