Ideas For Your Engagement Photos

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Ideas For Your Engagement Photos

Couples these days are falling in love with the idea of engagement photos or pre-wedding photoshoots. They are becoming more open to new ideas and more creative with their engagement pictures and wedding photos. 

Schedule a photoshoot early in your engagement if you want to do a formal engagement announcement and share the news on different platforms.

Having an engagement photo session is a great way to test your wedding photographer and see if you want them to work at your wedding or not.

Go for locations you love and themes that represent your personalities.

When it comes to your engagement photoshoot the ideas are really endless. We have chosen some photography ideas and poses for you and your loved one to consider.

We have so many engagement photo ideas that suit every bride and groom, from classic and romantic, to fun and trendy engagement pictures.

Take a look at these wonderful engagement photo ideas right here:

Engagement Selfie

Engagement Ring Selfies

Now that selfies have taken over social media, ladies who are getting engaged are also sharing their engagement ring “selfie”! And since you don’t get engaged every day and only get one chance to show off your ring, then why not? Share away!

If you’re keeping up with the selfie trend, here is how to pull off the perfect engagement selfie to announce your engagement:

  • Get a Manicure: Prep your hands with a manicure and some moisturizing to make sure they look great in that picture.
  • Pick a Background:  Choose a nice surrounding for your hand to rest on or something meaningful.
  • Ask for Help:  Let someone take the picture of your hand and ring so you can be more creative with your pose.
  • Collage and Montage: If you have taken lots of pictures and don’t know which to choose, use apps like Pic Stitch, Photo Grid, or Pic Joiner and how to make a collage.
  • Skip Your Hand: If you don’t want to take a selfie of your engagement ring on your hand, then think of a nice way to display your ring alone.
Engagement PhotoshootEngagement Photoshoot 1Engagement Photoshoot 2Engagement Photoshoot 3

Non-Cheesy Photos

If you’re a couple who doesn’t like cheesy and emotional pictures but still want an engagement photo shoot, you don’t need to worry!

Bridal Musings wedding blog recently shared some fabulous and non-cheesy engagement picture poses to give you all some inspiration.

If you’re looking for a relaxed and fun engagement photo shoot, here are some stylish poses to get inspired by and ask your photographer to capture.

Colorful PhotoshootsColorful Photoshoots 1

Colorful Photoshoots

For a unique engagement photoshoot how about having colored smoke bombs or paint? For the best colorful engagement photos.

Underwater RomanceUnderwater Romance 1

Underwater Romance

For couples who love to experience new things together, an underwater engagement photoshoot is fun and unique.

50s Engagement PicturesVintage Photoshoot

50's Inspired

A stunning retro engagement photoshoot is never out of trend, consider having a 50's inspired photoshoot to cherish forever.

Food Lovers

Food Lovers

If you and your fiance love food and enjoy eating and cooking together then food-themed engagement photos are perfect for you.

Matching Couples

Matching Together

Match your style for a cute engagement picture.

Movie Engagement PhotoshootMovie Engagement Photoshoot 1

Your Favorite Movie

Choose a movie you both love and try to reenact the same scene, couples are choosing so many different movies such as The Notebook, Titanic, even Harry Potter.  

Helicopter Engagement Pictures

In The Sky

Have some beautiful pictures of you and your fiance taken on a helicopter ride for a romantic engagement photoshoot.

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