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Interview with Edita Poghosyan - Top Florist & Wedding Designer in Armenia

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Interview with Edita Poghosyan - Top Florist & Wedding Designer in Armenia

Edita Poghosyan was born in Armenia on 8 March 1979 which happens to be the International Women's Day. She obtained a higher education degree in Psychology and Design from Abovian Pedagogical University, a state university and higher education institution based in Yerevan, Armenia's capital.

Following that she has been devoted to her work in flowers and the wedding industry, attending and participating in countless training courses and masterclasses all across Europe, Russia and the USA. She acquired several notable certifications and professional achievements.

Together with her husband Karen, they founded Mon Amie Flower & Design in Yerevan in 2002, which has become the leading retail outlet for flowers in the Armenian capital. The company also has a thriving business-to-business arm, working with Armenian leading companies and institutions to design and decorate a number of important national events.  

Mon Amie Flower & Design has developed to become the sought after event and wedding planning company in Armenia. Their events are characterized by elegance, attention to detail and high quality professional service. 

Arabia Weddings joined a 'familiaraisation' trip to Armenia in May 2023 to look at its flourishing wedding industry (read: Exploring Armenia as a Wedding Destination). During the trip we had the pleasure to meet Edita and ask her some questions about her remarkable journey. 

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1. How did you get into the flowers and wedding planning industry?

I was working in the flower industry in Armenia since 1996. During that period the wedding and events design industry in Armenia was not established at all.

Later in 2002, after I got married to Karen, we decided to establish Mon Amie Flower and Design as the first, and currently one of the leading, design companies in Armenia.

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2. What unique services or features do you offer as a luxury wedding planner in Armenia that set you apart from others in the industry?

Our unique style and innovation are what always make us stand out from others and what truly differentiates our work. We always add our signature part to any design our clients ask for.

Being the first one in the industry, at the time when there was no internet in Armenia and scarce resources, we worked hard to educate ourselves through books, magazines and guidelines of foreign masters, training courses and conferences. We took part in many major training and masterclasses such as courses run by gurus in the industry such as Preston Bailey, Tara Guerard (I was carrying her heavy books from the USA back home as I am a big fan of hers). We travelled to many exhibitions and events to Russia, Holland, France and Denmark not to miss any major Christmas decoration theme events, flower masterclasses or anything else that would add value to our knowledge and business. Edita 

Edita Poghosyan

3. What distinguishes Armenian weddings from other weddings? Can you describe a typical traditional Armenian wedding?

Traditional Armenian weddings are described as big gatherings of friends and family; a big celebration with a variety of food set ups (as we say, the more the better), loud music and dancing. 

We have our beautiful traditions between both families of the bride and the groom starting with a church ceremony that lasts about an hour, and followed by a dinner celebration.


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4. What steps do you take to ensure a seamless and memorable experience for your clients, and how do you handle unexpected issues or last-minute changes that may arise during the wedding planning process?

We always plan and think one step ahead. We are never limited by local market research, as we always go internationally. Being a leader in your own market is for sure good, but what keeps us motivated even more are the destination weddings and events which we have been doing for the past few years and have already succeeded in more than 5 countries.

Thanks to our long experience and professional approach, we always, at no exceptions, manage to solve any unexpected issues or last-minute changes that may arise during the wedding planning process.

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