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Ahlam's Most Beautiful Jewelry Pieces On Arab Idol

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Ahlam's Most Beautiful Jewelry Pieces On Arab Idol

Emirati singer Ahlam Al Shamsi is known for her love to everything luxurious and extravagant.

Her looks often create controversy on social media channels, as some love her over-the-top looks and expensive taste in jewelry, while others are not fans of her extreme fashion looks.

Ahlam makes sure she looks unique every week on Arab Idol, especially when it comes to her jewelry.

The star always shares her looks on her Instagram account before going live on the show.

There is no question that Ahlam's taste in jewelry is unique and expensive - below are some of her most luxurious jewelry pieces to share with you.

Want to see more unique jewelry pieces worn by Ahlam?

Take a look at Ahlam's latest jewelry picks for her looks on Arab Idol: