Beautiful Unconventional Celebrity Engagement Rings

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Beautiful Unconventional Celebrity Engagement Rings

We are always looking to give you great bridal inspiration from celebreties' looks and styles.  If you have not read: "4 Nontraditional Celebrity Wedding Dresses" read it now.

Many celebrities chose the classic diamond cut ring as their engagement ring, and showed it off, just like Kim Kardashian's beautiful 15 carat diamond ring.

But, other celebrities chose unexpected and unique engagement rings.

If you're looking for an unusual engagement ring, then you are not alone! Take a look at these stunning unconventional celebrity engagement rings.

Eva Longoria: A Ruby center stone with diamonds.


Kate Middleton: An 18 carat sapphire ring that Lady Diana wore.


Mary Kate Olsen: An antique Cartier ring, surrounded by sapphire.


Halle Berry: A 4 carat emerald ring set between two diamonds.


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