A Sparkling Gift Guide for Ramadan by Mouawad

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A Sparkling Gift Guide for Ramadan by Mouawad

A refined look is the signature of discerning, stylish gents. This is why Mouawad has always been keen on creating fine luxury accents for him, from Swiss-made timepieces, to traditional misbahas (or prayer beads) and masterfully crafted cufflinks and rings―often set with diamonds and colored gemstones ―to complement the unique style of gentlemen of distinction.




Leveraging decades of Mouawad’s Swiss watchmaking heritage, the House’s signature Grande Ellipse timepiece collection brings forth contemporary styles, stretching design and functionality to new heights. Combining clean, sophisticated lines with sporty looks, the finest, most durable materials, and audacious construction, the Grande Ellipse models have been realized and forged to be the choice of the world’s most discerning luxury timepiece customers.



As a subtle tribute to traditions,Mouawad artisans also craft fine prayer beads from 18-karat gold and adorn them with the finest diamonds and colored gemstones. Elegance flows gracefully from one bead to the other, emanating sheer poise and nobility. To paint the perfect portrait, matching cufflinks and statement rings come in, creating stunning ensembles of superb finishes.



After all, Mouawad takes pride and pleasure in being an intrinsic part of Ramadan for many families, especially those who cherish special gatherings and occasions with sparkle and style. For this, Mouawad is offering exquisite gents’ timepieces and accessories, handcrafted with infinite attention to detail and high-quality materials, making them a thoughtful and beautiful gift for a loved one during the special month of Ramadan.

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