Jordanian Wedding Planner Organises Pre Wedding ‘Apulian’ Welcome Dinner in Italy

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Jordanian Wedding Planner Organises Pre Wedding  ‘Apulian’ Welcome Dinner in Italy

Charlotte Augier De Moussac & Jango Yersin hired the services of Jordanian luxury wedding planner, Majeda Kassir Bisharat, Founder & Creative Director of My Event Design to plan their pre-wedding Welcome Dinner in Italy.

Over 120 guests from Brazil, UK, USA, Switzerland, Libya, France and the Caribbean flocked to Borgo Egnazia in Puglia, Italy to attend the celebrations of Czech/French Charlotte & Swiss/Brazilian Jango.

The welcome dinner took place at the Piazza of Borgo Egnazia; a breathtaking resort in Puglia located in Southern Italy bordering the Adriatic Sea to the east, the Ionian Sea to the southeast, and the Strait of Òtranto and Gulf of Taranto to the south.

We had a chance to ask the professional team of Amman-based My Event Design to shed light on this beautiful Welcome Dinner and its unique ‘Apulian’ theme.

What was the theme and inspiration behind the welcome dinner décor? What was the most special and unique detail of the event? Tell us more about the décor of this Apulian night and other key highlights. 

The theme and inspiration of this destination pre-wedding Welcome Dinner was “Apulian Night”; the design was simple yet cultural, interactive and entertaining. The theme was inspired by the traditions and culture of the mesmerizing Italian city of Puglia, Italy’s southernmost region.



  • Tablescape

For the tables, we set up a main square table in the middle of the spectacular outdoor Piazza venue, surrounded by long rectangular tables. The tablescape comprised of a contrasting and colourful arrangement of basil leaves, tomatoes, red peppers and greenery, all of which are popular local ingredients among the Apulian culture. For the runners, we opted for beige linen for an elegant touch, and added beige napkins with herbs and a mesh string to the show plates.



  • Lighting

At the far end of each table we pinned wooden pillars with light bulb fixtures that met in the centre of the middle table. The hanging bulbs along with the table arrangement and the compelling view created a truly picturesque scene.

To add an intimate and cozy touch, lit candles were from olive trees along with lit lanterns over the area. Additionally, illuminated ladders were positioned in the empty spaces to further complement the theme.



  • Food & Beverage

Regarding Food & Beverage, the Buffet tables were set up in a way to surround the venue flow. Between each table, ladders were placed that served as arbours. Different Apulian items were hung from the arbours surrounding the area.

As for the bar, we used a barrel-shaped bar, where a wooden top went over 2 barrel bases to give an authentic rustic look. 




  • Entertainment

To bring out the true traditions of Puglia, Apulian artisan characters showcased their local talents in every corner of the Piazza. For this special night, we had a Necklace Maker, a Straw Dolls’ Maker, a Whistle Maker, a Cobbler, a Pasta Maker, a Basket Weaver, Card Players, and last but not least, Lace Makers.

For the entertainment, we chose local Terrarros dancers, who performed the traditional Apulian dance and created an enjoyable ambience!

The Apulian welcome dinner was very special because invitees got the chance to experience the true Apulian life and traditions.



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