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The Latest 2021 Wedding Dress Collections by Arab Fashion Designers

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The Latest 2021 Wedding Dress Collections by Arab Fashion Designers

For brides who are getting married in 2021 but still haven't chosen their wedding dress, you must check out the latest bridal collections by the most talented Arab fashion designers.

Women in the Arab world are known to show their support and love to the amazing Arab fashion designers who every year make sure they create the most breathtaking designs that not only take over the Middle East but the entire world as well.

Fashion designers such as Elie Saab, Abed Mahfouz, Georges Hobeika, and Mohammed Ashi, and many others are not only loved by Arab women but women around the world as well, and especially the most famous celebrities out there.

When it comes to bridal fashion, Arab fashion designers know exactly what every bride is looking for, especially Arab brides who love the luxurious designs these artists create and showcase every season.

In the latest 2021 wedding dress collections, we have seen so many beautiful different designs, no matter what your style is you will definitely find something for you. Some collections have romantic and delicate designs, while others are more classic and elegant, there are also some bold and trendy wedding dresses for the modern and unique bride.

So no matter what wedding dress style you are looking for these fashion designers have got you covered.

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Check out these fabulous 2021 wedding dresses:


Ashi Studio Ashi Studio

Ashi Haute Couture Fall/Winter 2021/2022 Collection

The Ashi Studio fall/winter 2021/2022 haute couture collection features lots of volumes and dresses with varying lengths. The timeless and contemporary has marvelous designs, with sharp cut shapes, and intricate details, the collection can be best described as a very complicated simplicity.

See the entire Ashi Studio 2021/2022 FW Wedding Dress Collection here!

Georges HobeikaGeorges Hobeika 1

Georges Hobeika 2021 Fall Winter Wedding Dresses

Georges Hobeika affirms his lifelong adoration of nature and its masterful influence on his designs. His 2021 fall winter wedding dresses are evolving tapestries of delicate embroidery and sparkling crystals channel abundance and sculptural dimension as the exotic lily and graceful orchid come into symbolic bloom.

Click here to see the entire Georges Hobeika 2021 FW Wedding Dress Collection!

Rami Kadi 2021 CollectionRami Kadi 2021 Collection 1

Rami Kadi 2021 Spring Summer Collection

The Rami Kadi couture collection for Spring/Summer 2021 "Retrospective 10" consists exclusively of 10 pieces, each of which dates back to a milestone dress, revisiting it, or fusing it with another milestone design to bring out something new. In contrast with the chromatic boldness that usually typifies RK Maison de Couture, "Retrospective 10" bases itself on metallic colors such as gold, silver, platinum, and bronze.

See more of the Rami Kadi 2021 Couture Collection here!

Saiid Kobeisy 2021 Wedding DressSaiid Kobeisy 2021 Wedding Dress 1

Saiid Kobeisy 2021 Ready to Wear Wedding Dress Collection

The Saiid Kobeisy 2021 wedding dresses include pieces with geometric layers and lots of volumes. The ready-to-wear 2021 wedding dress collection by Saiid Kobeisy features breathtaking embroideries, intricate details, and a world of ruffled reveries.

Click here to see Saiid Kobeisy's 2021 Wedding Dress Collection!

Abed Mahfouz 2021 Wedding Dress Abed Mahfouz 2021 Wedding Dress 1

Abed Mahfouz 2021 Wedding Dress Collection

The Abed Mahfouz 2021 wedding dress collection is distinguished by sophistication and simplicity. The wedding dress collection also features puffed sleeves which are very trendy this year. Some of the wedding dresses have beautiful tree leaves and soft roses designed on them, all embroidered with strass or small pearls, which gave the designs some softness and elegance.

See more from the Abed Mahfouz 2021 Wedding Dress Collection here!

Elie Saab Fall 2021 Wedding DressElie Saab Fall 2021 Wedding Dress 1

Elie Saab Fall 2021 Wedding Dress Collection

The fall 2021 wedding dresses by Elie Saab features lace and embellishments, the wedding dresses are covered in chantilly lace and organza floral appliques. The Lebanese fashion designer created a bridal collection with embroidered tulle and flowing trains of silk thread and pearls. 

Take a look at the entire Elie Saab 2021 Wedding Dress Collection here!

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