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The Latest Bridal Jewelry Trends by Liali Jewellery

The Latest Bridal Jewelry Trends by Liali Jewellery

Getting your wedding jewelry right on your big day is very important. Simple or extravagant, a would-be-bride will always choose something that will enhance looks and make her look finely dressed at different occasions. So while you are already doing a roundup of the various designs you have in mind, take a look at Liali’s expert citing of trends that every bride-to-be needs to know.

Traditional vs. modern: As much as many brides love to go all ethnic on their weddings, they dread the thought of their jewelry lying safe in the closet post wedding. Worry not, as many jewelers especially Liali, now offers a glammed up amalgamation of old with the new. Inspirational designs from the by gone era now see a toned down presence on bridal jewelry that will stay and will be worn for several occasions even after their wedding.

Bridal Necklace

Modern Necklace: AED83000

Regal grandeur: Nothing speaks louder than jewelry at all weddings. And to keep you in news for long, royal influences on neckpieces, earrings, bangles and finger rings fill up the upcoming wedding season for a stunning and confident bride. Jewelers nowadays even try to incorporate personalized designs into bespoke and customized designer pieces for a very special day.

Liali Jewelry Necklaceemerald necklace

Regal Granduer: AED68800/ Regal Granduer Emerald Necklace: AED52000

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Say it with colors: Rubies, emeralds and diamonds are not the only colors jewelers offer these days. Aside from these precious stones, the bridal trend now seems more inclined towards exotic colored stones (which are semi-precious) but add a lot of pop to the wedding ensemble. Cost effective and vibrant, you could add a splash of color at various functions that take place during the wedding.

earringsbridal earrings

Say it with Color Black Earrings:AED12000/ Say it with Color Emerlad Earrings: AED30670

Diamonds are forever: And there is no change in that. In fact diamonds have retained their charm regardless of trends and years. Yes, what could be noteworthy is that diamonds now are also set in fusion jewelry to add a glam factor to many wedding silhouettes. From bracelet cuffs to choker neckpieces and cocktail rings; dramatic designs are here to add spunk to bridal looks in a jiffy.

Liali Jewelry Necklace

Modern Necklace: AED44000

Tinges of gold: The preciousness of yellow, white and rose gold are nowadays optimized to accentuate uniqueness and splendor of bridal jewelry. Ranging the tinge to suit the size and cut of diamonds, gold will always be the rage when it comes to wedding jewelry.

Gold Necklace

Tinges of Gold Necklace: AED16500

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