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Makeup Looks by Top Arab Makeup Artists

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Makeup Looks By Top Arab Makeup Artists

Picking your makeup look needs a lot of attention and it takes a lot of a bride to be's thoughts, a bride's makeup is the biggest detail of her bridal look because everyone will be looking at her face.

Once you start looking at bridal makeup pictures and before you choose you're wedding makeup remember that you should choose a makeup look that suits your face and skin tone.

Don't feel pressure to follow any makeup trends that are going on around you especially when it comes to your bridal makeup.

And remember that every skin comes in different tones and each face has different features. Make sure you choose a makeup look that suits your face and will make you glow.

Choose the right colors when it comes to lipstick, eyeshadow, and foundation, your makeup artist can help you out and advise you on which is the best makeup product to use for your bridal makeup look.

As soon as a bride sets her wedding date she starts looking at bridal pictures, from the wedding dress, bridal hair, and of course, she starts looking at bridal makeup images.

To make sure you look and feel your best on your wedding day you must do your research, and we are here to help you start, the first thing to do is to start looking at bridal makeup ideas, browse through the endless of pictures of bridal makeup looks for some inspiration, choose the style of makeup you want to have on your wedding day, decide on whether you want a simple wedding makeup look, or a glamorous full makeup look.

The top makeup artists now have accounts on social media and they share their latest work and bridal makeup looks.

And looking through their accounts can be very helpful, it will help you know which makeup look suits you best, what colors suit your skin tone, and what are the latest makeup trends.

For example, if you have a darker skin tone then try to go for earthy colors and shades that go with your skin color, but if you have a lighter skin tone then a pink or peach colored makeup look will give you a natural glow. If you have a tanned skin color then peachy and bronze hues are a great match for you.

Once you have an idea of what type of bridal makeup you want for your wedding day, it is time to start looking for your wedding makeup artist, there are so many amazing and famous makeup artists in the Middle East for you to check out whether to book an appointment with them or just look at there work for inspiration. Take a look at these wonderful bridal looks by the most famous Arab makeup artists for your wedding day.

Makeup Artist Hind NourssineMakeup Artist Hind Nourssine 1Makeup Artist Hind Nourssine 2

Emirati Makeup Artist Hind Nourssine

Hind Nourssine is an Emirati makeup artist who has become very popular in the Middle East. She is a makeup artist and beauty expert and is based in Abu Dhabi.

Hind has over 17.7k followers on Instagram and is known for her love of Arabic and Khaliji makeup, she loves to focus on the eyes and bring out the beauty in them.

BoubaBouba 1Bouba 2

Lebanese Makeup Artist Bouba

Lebanese makeup artists Bouba has become one of the most popular makeup artists in the Middle East.

Bouba is known for his perfect and glamorous makeup looks and has worked with many Arab celebrities, such as Diana Haddad, Shatha Hassoun, Joelle Mardinian, Asala, Latifa, and many others.

He also participated in many fashion runways for top designers including Nicola Jobran, Viviane Westwood, D&G, and Garnier.

Bouba is known for his unique makeup techniques, from mixing shades and colors to framing women’s faces.

Dana AlsairafiDana Al sairafiDana Al Sairafi

Kuwaiti Makeup Artist Dana Alsairafi

Dana Alsairafi is known for her unique contouring technique and flawless makeup base and foundation.

Arab women love to emphasize their features and eyes, and this is exactly what Dana Alsairafi is good at,  whether she uses soft or bold makeup, she always makes sure the eyes speak for themselves.

Mounira Makeup 1Mounira Makeup 2Mounira Makeup 3

Saudi Makeup Artist Mounira Al Oweid

Saudi makeup artist Mounira Al Oweid is one of the most popular makeup and beauty experts in Saudi Arabia.

The talented makeup artist has over 1 million followers on her Instagram account @24mnor.

Nora Bo AwadhNora Bo Awadh 1Nora Bo Awadh 2

Saudi Makeup Artist Nora Bo Awadh

Saudi makeup artist Nora Bo Awadh has taken over social media with her beautiful makeup looks.

Makeup and beauty expert Nora Bo Awadh has taken the famous bold and over the top "Khaleeji" makeup and turned it into a simpler and more elegant style.

Nora Bo Awadh knows what Arab women like and want when it comes to makeup, and she sure knows how to create an Arabian or Khaleeji-inspired makeup with a modern twist.

With over 2.9 million followers on Instagram (@nora1352) Nora is now a favorite among Arab brides. She is also known for her love of natural makeup looks, as she believes in enhancing the Arab woman's beauty and not in covering it.

Waad Al TurkiWaad Al Turki Waad Al Turki 2

Saudi Makeup Artist Waad Al Turki

Waad Al Turki is considered one of the top makeup artists in Saudi Arabia and specifically in Riyadh.

Her followers love to see her makeup creations and read her beauty advice; Waad Al Turki has become one of the most popular makeup artists in KSA.

Waad’s followers also love to read her reviews on makeup and beauty products as she shares her favorite products and her best makeup tips on her Instagram account as well.

Waad Al Turki also gives many makeup lectures and training courses for those who like to learn some makeup basics and tricks.

Samer Khouzami 1Samer Khouzami 2Samer Khouzami 3

Lebanese Makeup Artist Samer Khouzami

Lebanese makeup artist Samer Khouzami is one of the best-known makeup artists in the world and the Middle East.

Many celebrities chose Samer Khouzami to do their makeup for different occasions and red carpet appearances, such as Nadine Al Rassi, Asala Nasri, and Hilda Khalife.

Samer Khouzami recently launched his collection of makeup brushes, as makeup brushes are the most important tools for people who love makeup.

Samer also has his own beauty salon in Beirut and works with a talented team of experts.

Hala Ajam MakeupHala Ajam Makeup 1Hala Ajam Makeup 2

Lebanese Makeup Artist Hala Ajam

Lebanese makeup artist Hala Ajam has gained her expertise from studying the art of makeup and beauty in Beirut and Hollywood.

Hala Ajam is known for her moto when it comes to makeup, which is "Less is More", as she loves to emphasize the beauty of the face but without overdoing it.

Hala Ajam has worked with many celebrities in the Middle East, such as, Maya Diab, Sherine Abdelwahab, Asala Nasri, and Nadine Labaki.

Fatima Bou JbaraFatima Bou Jbara 1Fatima Bou Jbara 2

Saudi Makeup Artist Fatima Bou Jbara

There are many famous and talented makeup artists in Saudi Arabia, and one of the top Saudi makeup artists is Fatima Bou Jbara.

What makes Fatima so professional and talented is her love for painting and drawing in the first place, which helped her turn her love for makeup into art.

With over 14 years of experience in the makeup field, Fatima has a big fan base and hundreds of brides waiting for their makeup to be done by her.

Fatima believes in emphasizing on the bride's natural beauty and not cover her face with makeup and hide her features.

Bassam FattouhBassam FattouhBassam Fattouh

Lebanese Makeup Artist Bassam Fattouh

Bassam Fattouh is a renowned international celebrity make-up artist; he is the choice of famous stars, high-profile women and royalty in the Middle East, Lebanon and beyond. Bassam Fattouh has garnered recognition from prestigious brands and launched his signature cosmetics range in 2010, becoming the first Middle Eastern make-up artist to have his very own make-up brand. Building on his knowledge of what works and what doesn't, he meticulously developed his ever-growing range. 

MasoomaMasooma 1Masooma 2

Bahraini Makeup Artist Masooma Hashim

Bahraini makeup artist Masooma Hashim is one of the most popular makeup artists in the Middle East.

Masooma Hashim is behind the glamorous makeup looks of Emirati diva Ahlam.

She has worked with other celebrities as well including Egyptian superstar Yosra, Laila Olwi, and Olivia Palermo.

Alaa DashtiAlaa Dashti 1Alaa Dashti 2

Kuwaiti Makeup Artist Alaa Dashti

Kuwaiti makeup artist Alaa Dashti is one of the most popular makeup artists in the gulf region. 

Alaa Dashti gained her popularity after she started working with celebrities in the Arab World.

The Kuwaiti makeup artist has a degree from Lebanon, London, and Paris, in makeup art and tattoo.

Alaa has her own beauty salon called "Alaa Beauty" in Kuwait, not to forget about the makeup classes she holds in Kuwait, Riyadh, and other Arab countries.

Alaa Dashti worked with many celebrities, such as Nawal Al Awadi, Amal Al Awadi, Asmaa Al Mnawar, Balqis Fathi, and Shaila Sabt.

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