The Most Beautiful 2020 Engagement Wedding Dresses

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The Most Beautiful 2020 Engagement Wedding Dresses

We all know how important a bride's wedding dress is, but there is another very important dress that a bride will wear before her wedding and that is her engagement dress. Once a bride gets officially engaged she starts planning her engagement party before planning her wedding and looking for her engagement dress before anything else!

When it comes to choosing the perfect engagement dress there are many options to take into considerations, such as the design, colors, and budget, once you set these options straight it will become easier for you to find the engagement dress that suits you.

Another thing that will make finding the perfect engagement dress easier for you is looking for inspiration, such as going through the latest collections by fashion designers.

If you are a bride to be who is celebrating her engagement in 2020 then it is time you check out all the wonderful, elegant, and breathtaking engagement dresses 2020!

We previously shared some beautiful engagement dresses in blue, designed by the top fashion designers!

In 2020 we will see a lot of stunning dresses perfect for the bride of 2020, from ball gowns, mermaid dresses, to short dresses and much more, we are sure that you will find the perfect dress here.

Alexander McQueenAlexander McQueen 1Alexander McQueen 2

Alexander McQueen

For Alexander McQueen 2020 Resort Collection, the designer Sarah Burton was inspired by the strength and confidence of women, the dresses were all about giving free movement for women, the collection featured vivid colors, lots of taffeta, and edgy cuts.

The dresses had stunning floral illustrations on the evening dresses inspired by 19th-century glasshouses, they mainly used drawings of flowers which are in danger of extinction.


Carolina HerreraCarolina Herrera 1Carolina Herrera 2

Carolina Herrera

Head of the house of Carolina Herrera, Wes Gordon was inspired by Carolina Herrera’s Venezuelan side for the 2020 collection. Carolina Herrera was born in Caracas, though she’s lived most of her life in New York.

Inspired by Latin America the dresses had all the right colors, patterns, and embroideries.

Marchesa 1Marchesa 2Marchesa 3Marchesa 4


The last thing you may think of when you hear the word equestrian is evening gowns, but the inspiration behind this fabulous 2020 Marchesa collection was not the sport itself but the paintings of horses. 

The team introduced lacing techniques borrowed from equestrian boots, the collection featured evening gowns with corsets and laced up backs.

Zuhair MuradZuhair Murad 1Zuhair Murad 2

Zuhair Murad

Inspired by Spanish bullfighters, Zuhair Murad's 2020 collection was all about Spanish sensuality. The silhouettes were either hourglass, body-con or more flowing and light, with an ’80s flair that gave the collection a modern twist.


Georges HobeikaGeorges Hobeika 1Georges Hobeika 2Georges Hobeika 3Georges Hobeika 4

Georges Hobeika

Guided by a profound love of fauna and flora, Maison Georges Hobeika’s Fall-Winter 2019/20 Haute Couture collection pays tribute to wild majesty sent soaring on the bright and flamboyantly colored feathers of the bird of paradise. 

Tony WardTony Ward 1Tony Ward 2

Tony Ward

Tony Ward's Fall/Winter 2019-2020 collection titled "Blossoming Fibers" was all about nature! The inspiration behind this collection was the first species to ever exist, the mushroom. 

The Lebanese designer channeled the infinite shapes of fungi into his creations, bringing forth incredible volumes, 3D printed garments and a plethora of organzas folded in thousands of layers.

The collection featured a color palette of white, deep red, walnut, and cerulean blue.

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