Oxygen Facials For A Glowing Bride

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Oxygen Facials For A Glowing Bride

One of the latest bridal beauty trends is the Oxygen Facial, if you haven't heard of it yet, then we will help you understand how it works.

Every bride wants healthy and glowing skin for her wedding day and even on her honeymoon, and the Oxygen Facial will give glowing and younger looking skin.

What you need to know is that you need more than one session to start seein results, so it is a good idea to start with the Oxygen Facial one month before your wedding.

What are the procedures for this facial?

First of all a gentle scrub to exfoliate your skin and remove all the dead skin cells.

A mild serum will be applied on your skin, to fight wrinkles and aging.

Then the spa professional will use a machine that applies oxygen directly into the skin’s pores.

What are the benefits of the Oxygen Facial?

The oxgyen is treated with vitamins and supplements that help the skin look healthy and younger, it also helps rejuvinate the skin cells and increase the collagen production of the skin.

Is it a painful procedure?

Not at all, the facial is painless and doesn't have any medical or chemical peels, it's only cause is to help heal the skin and give it a healthy glow.