Pre-Wedding Fitness Tips From Instagram Star Anna Victoria

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Pre-Wedding Fitness Tips From Instagram Star Anna Victoria

If you haven't heard of Anna Victoria yet, then you should definitely check out her Instagram account, @annavictoria!

Anna Victoria has over 1 million followers on her Instagram account and she is known for her great fitness and health tips.

She is the creator of The Fit Body Guides, 12 Week Meal Plan Guide, and The 12 Week Workout Guide.

Anna Victoria got married last year, and just like any bride, she had to give her body and health some extra attention.


So what are Anna Victoria's top tips for a great body before your wedding?

  • Motivation: Every bride's motivation is looking great in her wedding dress.
  • Prep Your Meals: A bride-to-be is always busy and doesn't have the time to think about her meals every day, so prepare your meals for a week ahead.
  • Focus On Strength: Cardio is also important, but strength training burns more calories.
  • Enjoy Cheating: Indulge in a weekly cheat meal so you can reward yourself after a week's hard work and planning.
  • It's All About Balance: Each meal should be balanced with protein, carbs, and fats, as well as vegetables.
  • One Bad Meal Doesn't Count: As a bride-to-be you are already overwhelmed and stressed out so go easy on yourself if you have an unhealthy meal during the week.
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