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Real Simple’s Best Time-Saving Tips

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Real Simple’s Best Time-Saving Tips

Real Simple shared their best time saving tips, that readers (and staff) singled out as their favorites.

Quick Mince“Thanks to you, I’m using my lemon zester to mince garlic. It’s faster and easier than using a knife. Bring on the garlic bread!” -Suzanne G. McGrath

Soften Brown Sugar“When I reach for my brown sugar, I know it will be soft and moist, not hard as a rock, since Real Simple taught me to keep a few marshmallows in the bag.” -Andrea Smalec

Stop Static“In the winter, my hair is sticking on end with static by the time I get to work. Now I just tame those fly-aways with a dryer sheet. Plus, I smell like a fresh load of laundry!” -Natasha S.

Home Tips“Clean your kitchen sponge by heating it in the microwave for one minute―so much faster than the dishwasher.” -Jennifer Vaux

Sheet Storage“My favorite piece of Real Simple advice was to store each sheet set in a pillowcase. My linens are much neater now, and it’s a cinch to find what I need.” -Donna J. Pangburn