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The Wedding of Mohammad and Zain in Nablus

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The Wedding of Mohammad and Zain in Nablus

Mohammad and Zain got married in Nablus, a Palestinian commercial and cultural center, on 22 July 2018. The wedding theme was Indian inspired with a sprinkle of summer colors. While planning for their big day, the Mohammad and Zain had a common vision that they wanted their wedding to be very different than any wedding that has ever been seen in Palestine.

When Mohammad first met with the Wedding Planners, Dina Events, he said that he wanted an Indian-themed wedding with bright and bold colors. At the beginning, Dina Events, were hesitant and worried about having too many colors "especially because it’s very untraditional for a Palestinian Wedding and we weren’t sure how people would perceive it", said Dina Teeti of Dina Events.

"However, we always love to take on new challenges and we’ve been waiting long for a couple who want to take such a courageous direction and be completely different and untraditional on their special day. In the end, we were able to design and orchestrate a beautiful Palestinian wedding with an Indian character that wowed the wedding guests and all of our fans who were watching and following the wedding closely through their screens", added Dina.

  • Wedding Planner: Dina Events 
  • Wedding Venue: Nadi Al Madina - Nablus
  • Wedding Date: July 22 2018
  • Photography: Media Pro
  • Wedding Dress: Touch Wood
  • Hair & Makeup: Bana Salon

Take a look at this beautiful Palestinean Wedding of Mohammad and Zain Attallah: