Seated Dinner, or Buffet?

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Seated Dinner, or Buffet?

It's a tough question to answer, isn't it? Should you go for a buffet at your wedding, or have a seated dinner?

Brides and grooms can ponder over this for a while until they finally decide on one option. How about we help you out by listing the pros and cons of each option, and then you can make an informed decision?

Let's start with the buffet. A buffet dinner is definitely the more festive option. If you decide to go with a buffet for the big day, here are the pros and cons of your decision:


The Pros:

-Buffets can offer an opportunity to go as stylish and trendy as you’d like, as you have a lot to work with. Caterers can offer a number of stations; from Asian Cuisine, to Italian, to Arabic.

-Buffets are usually less expensive than seated dinners, so that’s one thing you could be saving on.

-They are an excellent way for guests to mingle and talk to one another away from the music and the dance floor.

-A buffet offers guests a large variety of dishes, making sure all tastes are met. Whether some of your guests are vegetarians, meat lovers, or even kids, a buffet caters to different tastes.


The Cons:

-Some guests might take more time than others choosing their preferred dishes, and that might hold up the queue. Also, the queue can get a little too long if caterers don’t control the crowd and study the location strategically.

-If the catering team isn’t as fast and efficient as they should be, some items might run out or get cold.

-For guests, it might be difficult to handle all the silverware, drinks and plates while walking in their formal attire.

-Kids and elderly guests might not be able to walk all the way to and from the buffet. Especially if they want to do it more than once for the main course and dessert.


Now, if you're considering a seated dinner, you are more likely opting for a more elegant, mature theme. The pros and cons of a seated dinner include:


The Pros:

-Seated dinners can offer a lot of grace and class to a wedding, with a synchronized dinner for all guests. They can also offer the perfect time for parents or family members to make their toasts.

-Since everyone is having their dinner at the same time, the bride and groom can actually get a chance to eat too. This time can also be used for the bride to freshen up.

-A seated dinner means that everyone already has an assigned seat. So, guests won’t feel awkward wondering where they can sit, and who to sit next to.


The Cons

-Seated dinners take up a lot more work, time and effort to coordinate. There is a larger margin for error.

-You need a lot more servers for a seated dinner, and it will cost more than a buffet.

-Your guests might not necessarily like what you have chosen for the menu.


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