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Shopping For Groomsmen Bags: A Gifting Guide

Shopping For Groomsmen Bags: A Gifting Guide

As you plan for your wedding, there are a lot of things that appear on your to-do list. From wedding gowns and suits to food and venue, there are a lot of decisions in the process. One of the things you and your partner probably practice is gift-giving for your entourage. If you’re done with the bridesmaids, it’s time to shop for the best gift for your groomsmen. 

The truth is you can’t afford the time to waste browsing random novelty items or men's stuff online. Hence, it’s wise to stick to the easiest and most helpful gift idea for the groom’s entourage, which is a bag. They come in different purposes, designs, brands, colors, and styles that will fit any of your groomsmen’s preferences and personalities. 

To get this task off your wedding preparation list, check out this guide as you shop for the best groomsmen bags. 



Von Baer Weekender

1. Von Baer Weekender

The Weekender from is the perfect weekend travel bag, ideal as a premium gift for a groomsmen as it can be personalized. It uses premium full grain leather that's vegetable tanned, handmade in Florence, Italy by master craftsmen.

You can use it as a both a travel bag and a gym work bag, and it comes with a dedicated laptop compartment. Buy on Von Baer.  

Image: Weekender from Von Baer

Men Backpack

2. Backpack

No matter how diverse the preferences of your groomsmen are, there are ones who would love to receive a backpack as a gift. A backpack is a versatile bag that many men find useful in their daily lives. Since they come with straps that can be placed over each shoulder, both hands are free when they commute, travel, or move around.  

The key is finding the right backpack size and style to fit your groomsman’s personality and preference. Also, choose the one with adequate compartments so that they can place all their work and travel essentials in the bag. Check the quality and durability of the materials to ensure that the backpack can last long. You can apply some wedding budget tips to have adequate funds to buy backpacks for the groomsmen.

Men Work Bag

3. Men Work Pouch

Like women, some men also find it convenient to carry pouches with them. However, it’s not what you imagine it would be. They don’t come in small and dainty sizes, nor do they come in embroideries and glitters. Men's pouches are usually bigger that is able to contain laptops and other work gadgets.  

These pouches work to protect these expensive and valuable items, which is why many men use a padded pouch. Your groomsman would need a protective case that is both practical and professional-looking. Fortunately, a work pouch for men has aesthetic features that make them look neat and dapper.  

When men have their pouch with them, they don't have to worry about their keys, wallets, phones, and other valuable items falling out. There is enough space to store important papers in this compact and convenient bag rather than other bags without ample space.  

A Messanger Bag

4. Messenger Bag

If you have a groomsman who loves riding a bike to work, giving him a messenger bag is a great idea. It can be worn across the body, freeing both hands to maneuver the stirring bar. The bag usually comes with a flappy, buckled design and allows you to store enough items inside. 

Choose one that comes with many pockets and compartments so your friend can organize his items inside. In contrast to what you expect, even working men who wear formal suits and ties can pull off a dashing look using a messenger bag. While they’re naturally more casual, you can find those made of leather to elevate their corporate look. 

The Duffle Bag

5. Duffel Bag

Travelers must have good-quality luggage. If some of your groomsmen love traveling, it’s best to shop for the right duffel bag for them. A bag that can't protect valuable items from damage is the last thing any traveler would want. Hence, choose a duffel bag that is durable enough to secure all the bag's content.  

Duffel bags come in different sizes and materials, so you can match them to your groomsman’s preference. Whether they usually travel for work or leisure, they’d appreciate you giving them something to store all their stuff in. Prioritize on quality and design to get the best of a duffel bag groomsman gift.

Bags are no longer just for women anymore. The diversity of men’s bags has been taking over the industry, and it’s now easier to choose one that fits your groomsmen’s needs, preferences, and personal style. Hopefully, you can refer to the guide above as you shop for the best bag to gift to your groomsmen.  

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