Sparkling Emerald Green Jewelry

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Sparkling Emerald Green Jewelry

Emerald is a symbol of rebirth, it is believed to bring its owner foresight, good luck, and youth. Emerald is a beautiful stone for brides who want bridal jewelry that adds a pop of color and a touch of luxury to their look.

The word Emerald is derived from the Greek word Smaragdus which means green. Emeralds were worn by royalty in Babylon and Egypt and were Cleopatra's favorite stone. Emeralds were even dedicated by Ancient Romans to the goddess of love and beauty, Venus. 

Emerald is a very feminine stone, it is also considered to have healing benefits, it is believed that the Emerald stone can increase peace of mind, spirituality, memory, and regulate blood circulation. And when it comes to gem therapy, emerald gemstones have so many benefits when worn, here are just a few: Intellectual progress, balanced perspective, increase creativity, and so many other benefits. Many cultures throughout time have believed emerald to be an enormously powerful stone in different ways. 

Emerald gemstone is one of the most beautiful stones, known for its stunning and lively green color. It is also considered to be among the big three stones in the world, which are rubies, sapphires, and emeralds.

Whether it is for your engagement or wedding, some green jewels will add a pop of color to your look.