A Stunning 3 Day Indian Wedding Celebration in UAE

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A Stunning 3 Day Indian Wedding Celebration in UAE

A magical Indian wedding took place in the UAE for the lovely couple Ishita Khosla and Naman Pathak. The fabulous wedding was held for 3 days from 12 to 14 February 2020 at the Waldorf Astoria Hotel in Ras Al Khaimah.

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The 3-day wedding celebration had many different events; a lovely welcome lunch, a luxurious welcome dinner, and a magical Sangeet.

Eventchic has been working for 7 months on this event which includes conceptualization, designing, production, and several meetings with the team to give the couple a wonderful and amazing wedding. Eventchic has conceptualized every event/occasion around a unique theme.

The design was inspired by the latest trends and modern architecture to ensure each event was individually crafted yet cohesive as a whole. This opulent wedding was spread across 3 days, where guests traveled from across the globe to celebrate 7 glorious yet individually unique occasions.

The welcome lunch had a very beautiful and elegant boho-themed setup with natural flowers and boho-inspired details in every corner.

As for the welcome dinner, it had a luxurious and modern burlesque theme. From rose gold cages to rose gold buffet tables and rose gold tubes, the designs were modern, simple but absolutely unique.

The couple also had a fun and vibrant pool party, ​with a tropical paradise theme that boasted bright and vibrant colors to set a fun and exciting tone for the party. Yellow was the chosen color for this particular event.

The super elegant Chuda ceremony had a beautiful theme to it which was "Turquoise Essence"! The venue set the perfect tone for this event with its matching interiors designed around the same color palette. The decor was designed to complement the existing infrastructure and enhance the space further. The tables, which were placed around the fountain, showcased a lush table decor with bright yellow tulips and white hydrangeas, and blue candles to match the overall design. 

The Sangeeth had a magical and charming Arabesque theme with beautiful jewel tones and rich colors; all in all, it was an amazing luxurious event.

Wedding Venue: Waldorf Astoria Ras Al Khaimah

Wedding Planner: Tamarind Global

Wedding Planner (Wedding at The Waldorf Astoria): Paris Select

Wedding Photography/Videography: Dotdusk by Lakhbir & Sundeep

Entertainment: La Cle Entertainment

Sangeeth Singer: Guru Randhawa

Royal Reception Singer: Usthad Rahat Fateh Ali khan

Wedding Production: Eventchic Designs

Wedding FlowersEventchic Designs

Fireworks: Pains Fireworks

Furniture and Table Accessories: Eventchic Designs 

Wedding Outfit: Faraz Manan

Ishit and Naman Wedding
Ishit and Naman Wedding 1
Ishit and Naman Wedding 2
Ishit and Naman Wedding 3
Ishit and Naman Wedding 4
British Inspired Soldiers at Waldorf Astoria
British Inspired Soldiers at Waldorf Astoria 1
Hotel Entrance
Welcome Boho Theme Lunch
Welcome Boho Theme Lunch 1
Welcome Boho Theme Lunch 2
Welcome Boho Theme Lunch 3
Welcome Boho Theme Lunch 4
Welcome Boho Theme Lunch 5
Welcome Boho Theme Lunch 6
Welcome Boho Theme Lunch 7
Burlesque Themed Welcome Dinner
Burlesque Themed Welcome Dinner 1
Burlesque Themed Welcome Dinner 2
Burlesque Themed Welcome Dinner 3
Burlesque Themed Welcome Dinner 4
Burlesque Themed Welcome Dinner 5
Burlesque Themed Welcome Dinner 6
Burlesque Themed Welcome Dinner 7
Burlesque Themed Welcome Dinner 8
Burlesque Themed Welcome Dinner 9
Burlesque Themed Welcome Dinner 10
Exotic Paradise Pool Party
Exotic Paradise Pool Party 1
Exotic Paradise Pool Party 2
Exotic Paradise Pool Party 3
Exotic Paradise Pool Party 4
Exotic Paradise Pool Party 5
Exotic Paradise Pool Party 6
Exotic Paradise Pool Party 7
Exotic Paradise Pool Party 8
Arabesque Theme Sangeet
Arabesque Theme Sangeet 1
Arabesque Theme Sangeet 2
Arabesque Theme Sangeet 3
Arabesque Theme Sangeet 4
Arabesque Theme Sangeet 5
Arabesque Theme Sangeet 6
Arabesque Theme Sangeet 7
Arabesque Theme Sangeet 8
Arabesque Theme Sangeet 9
Arabesque Theme Sangeet 10
Arabesque Theme Sangeeth 11
Arabesque Theme Sangeet 12
Chuda Ceremony
Chuda Ceremony 1
Chuda Ceremony 2
Chuda Ceremony 3
Wedding Ceremony
Wedding Ceremony 1
Wedding Ceremony 2
Royal Wedding Reception
Royal Wedding Reception 1
Royal Wedding Reception 2
Royal Wedding Reception 3
Royal Wedding Reception 4
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