A Chit Chat with Arabia Weddings: BAQAA Glamour Weddings and Events Dubai

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A Chit Chat with Arabia Weddings: BAQAA Glamour Weddings and Events Dubai

BAQAA is the brainchild of Rachna Chadha, a veteran Event Management, PR and Marketing Consultant in Dubai and the region with an experience of 26 years.

BAQAA Glamour Weddings & Events is a specialist in delivering turnkey solutions for corporate events, celebration events, gala award nights, fashion shows, concerts, product launches, destination conferences, seminars and weddings.

  • Tell us more about your start….

I have been in the industry for 29 years. I started as a marketing professional with top newspapers and then moved into my own business with top Bollywood events, corporate events, and fashion shows.

6 years ago I ventured into my true passion which is weddings.

  • Can a bride have her dream wedding on a budget?

Yes, absolutely! This is a common misconception among brides and grooms today. It’s all about the right people coming up with the right ideas, designs, and creative solutions to make this happen. We take pride in doing just this. 


  • What are the hottest trends in weddings this season?

There are no specific trends in weddings. Weddings are about personal likes, personal dreams, and personal desires. Every girl dreams about her big day from a young age, so we go with whatever she has imagined. We offer versatility of thought, creations, solutions, and execute everything with great passion.


  • How can a wedding planner help the bride and groom in planning their wedding on a budget?

Like I said earlier, it’s about creative and effective solutions that complement their requirements and are developed by us as professionals.


Weddings are about personal likes, personal dreams, and personal desires

  • What is the most outrageous thing a couple has asked to have at their wedding?

Nothing is outrageous or unachievable, the sky is the limit! Anything and everything can be done with a budget. Recently, I had a request to write messages in the sky with a flying jet called Sky Writing.


  • What is the most favorite wedding you organized and why? What elements did it include? Where was it?

All of the weddings I have done are special to me. My most favorite wedding is the one I designed and executed in Antalya, Turkey. It was a mixed wedding with the bride from Hyderabad, India and the groom from Saudi Arabia. It was a 3-day destination wedding packed with 9 back to back events. We organized everything from a Welcome Party on a yacht to a beachside Wedding Ceremony. The entire hotel entrance was transformed into the backdrop of our wedding reception. It was simply magical. 


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