A Chit Chat with Arabia Weddings: Saiid Kobeisy

A Chit Chat with Arabia Weddings: Saiid Kobeisy

Saiid Kobeisy is a talented Haute Couture designer; his Lebanese culture played a very important role in his inspirations.

His first collection, assembled under the name Saiid Kobeisy, was released in Lebanon in 2002.

We had the chance to ask the talented designer a few questions, and here is what he had to say:

  • Tell us more about your start, how did you get into the fashion design business?

Since childhood, I have always been passionate about fashion and specifically fashion design.

I used to draw sketches of dresses ever since I was 15 years old dreaming that one day I could transform them into eminent artworks. It was in 2001 when I decided to embrace this dream and opened my first atelier in Beirut, Lebanon thereby merging my talent with proficiency and craftsmanship.  

  • How do you best describe your designs?

My designs are a combination of simplicity and luxury. I create dresses that satisfy all tastes and preferences whether modern or classical.

  • Can a bride collaborate with you to design her own wedding dress or maybe even her engagement dress?

I definitely design customized dresses. It’s every lady’s dream to find her own special gown, whether it’s her wedding or engagement, and my job is to make this doable. Therefore, I try to collaborate as much as possible with my client to come up with the perfect design that matches the idea in her mind to create the dress of her dreams.

  • What are your latest favorite fashion trends?

The “Engage”. In previous collections, we spoke about transition and speed of change, and I still believe in it, but now we’re not talking anymore about revolution and hard contracts or opposites, in fact, we’re talking about color combinations and continuous rotation in a kind of unconscious path. Usually when it comes to winter, everyone resorts to black and grey, but now is the time to bring colors into winter on a controlled and commercial scale. Besides, the tones are almost undistinguishable; only the aura sets them apart, while a shot of metallic iridescence lights them up. In fact, those desires reflect our optimistic feelings about the future in fashion industry.

  • Any bridal trends that you personally like?

Personally, I like the trends that are most suitable for my clients, their character and culture. In previous years, wedding gowns had very sophisticated designs and were too classic and heavy. Now, brides prefer more comfortable and simple designs that convey a modern appeal. That’s why I go for light, elegant, and simple designs; ones that make a Saiid Kobeisy bride feel special and tampered.  

  • Who are some of your favorite designers?

I am mostly inspired by Christian Dior. His creations are remarkable.

  • What advice can you give the bride-to-be when choosing a wedding dress?

I advice her not to follow what’s trendy or “most popular” but instead choose the wedding dress that well portrays her character and style. And most importantly to go for the cut that matches her body type and that highlights her most beautiful features while at the same time is comfortable and practical.

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