A Chit Chat with Arabia Weddings: Zohrab

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A Chit Chat with Arabia Weddings: Zohrab

Zohrab Markarian, developed his passion for Photography in the early 1960's.

In 1974 he won the grand prize in the Photography competition "Jordanian Flowers" which was under the patronage of her late Majesty Queen Alia.

As the winner, he was appointed by both their late Majesties King Hussein and Queen Alia as the official Photographer of the Royal Hashemite family.

Zohrab journeyed the world with his late Majesty King Hussein and became the official Hashemite palace Photographer for 22 years. 

Zohrab Markarian photographed many royal weddings and events such as King Hussien with Queen Noor's wedding, King Abdulla with Queen Rania's engagement, Prince Hamza's wedding, and  Prince Faisal's wedding.

We had the chance to ask Zohrab a few questions about his experience and tips in wedding photography and here is what he had to say:


  • What is your favorite thing or moment to capture in a wedding?

I can’t decide on just one. It depends on the situation and the couple themselves. Lovely couples can make the photo session successful.


  • Why is it important for a couple to have a professional and detailed oriented photographer?

Because it’s a night to remember; a once in a life time event, so it’s nice to have beautiful photos.

  • What is your best advice for couples in order to get perfect pictures?

They should find a passionate photographer that can reflect his passion for photo shooting in their photos.

  • What if the location doesn't have the perfect background for the wedding pictures?

We usually go to the location to check it before the wedding day, and try to create a unique atmosphere. And if needed, I might suggest taking the couple to another location in order to have nice pictures.

  • How can you reflect a couples' personality through your lens?

I always try to reduce their stress by talking to them or taking natural photos. I don’t like photos where the couple is posing and trying too hard. They should be natural, stress free, and happy.

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