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Interview With Egyptian Destination Wedding Planner Marley Feckry

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Interview With Egyptian Destination Wedding Planner Marley Feckry

Marley Feckry is an Egyptian Certified Destination Wedding Planner who founded her own company, Decarma MF 12 years ago. She lived and worked in Mexico for a period of time, obtaining her certification with a focus on traveling group coordination and wedding planning. Marley does not only have the skills and experience of handling large groups of excited wedding parties, but she also has a distinguished professional qualification by Preston Bailey’s Signature Wedding & Event Design through The Wedding Planning Institute.

We asked Marley Feckry some questions about her career and Destination Weddings in Egypt: 

What made you start a career in Wedding Planning?

Since I was a little girl I knew no rules, I used to enjoy unsystematic routines and playing with weird combination of colors, which I don't regret. Unknowingly, and somehow accidentally, I was asked to handle small parties and events for my family, the same happened at collage until Wedding & Event Planning became part of my life and my own satisfaction goals.

I, later on, got into this business because I love to entertain, whatever was goining on (hard times, struggles, losing hope...) this, basically, motivated me and pushed me towards magnificence, success and new opportunities, and this was what brought me here today enjoying Decarma MF since 2006. 

Destination Wedding in Egypt

A destination wedding is a great opportunity to unite the family in an unforgattable wedding

What are your favorite destinations for weddings in Egypt?

I am passionate about Destination Weddings and I introduced Egypt with its wondrous land, breathtaking views, beauty of nature, sandy beaches, stress-free vibes as a Wedding Destination - Egypt was highlighted on the map as one of the best destination wedding location lately. 

Luckily Egypt has many locations that are perfect for a destination wedding, some geographic locations are better for weddings in the winter season, while others are better during the summer months. 

Destinations that are great for hosting weddings in Egypt include:

  • El Gouna, Sahl Hasheesh, Somabay - beautiful destinations within Hurghada that are wonderful for weddings all year round.
  • Luxor & Aswan: one of the best experiences as well for weddings starting from October to March. 
  • North Coast for summer weddings starting from May to September.
A destination wedding is a great opportunity to unite the family in an unforgattable wedding, when Egypt becomes the couple's second home for that week, leaving it with lots of memories to hold, cherish and talk about for years to come. 

Destination Wedding Setup in Egypt

How do you make a destination wedding feel different than a wedding back home?

We exploit all the details of the location and the couples' personal interests to present a surprising, memorable wedding theme for the couple and their wedding guests; an experience described as being talked about long after the party!

With customized thematic weddings and a keen interest in creating dreams and turning them into reality, the end result will always be very theatrical, a complete transformation of the wedding location inspired by the couple themselves and their story that will be told through the setup, design of the furniture, flower combination and mood.

The creative combination of all the human senses (tasting, smelling, feeling, seeing...) are all elements that should work in perfect harmony to serve those senses. 

Destination Wedding in Egypt by Decarma MF

What is your best advice to couples considering a destination wedding? 

Throughout my career, I had the chance to go to Las Vegas and worked there for a while; in addition to getting a certification by Preston Bailey who taught me what is called "anti-stressful experience".

My advice to brides planning a destination wedding is: 

  • Prioritize: Have enough time for planning your wedding, at least 9 months in advance. By repeatedly checking in on my clients I help them to stay on track and on budget.
  • Communicate: Get all family members on the same page right from the get-go is the best way to avoid butting heads when we’re in the thick of planning.
  • Enjoy your special day: It helps the couple to see things with a lot more clarity - the fact that it’s the best memorable day of their life. 
Destination Wedding in Egypt
I meet them as new clients and leave as old friends

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