Tips for Buying an Engagement Ring Online

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Tips for Buying an Engagement Ring Online

There's nothing more beautiful for 2 love birds than taking their relationship to the next level. Advancing your relationship is one major life decision that requires good preparation. From your choice of engagement ring to the theme, you want to ensure your day is full of beautiful moments that live on in memory.

Choosing an engagement ring can be quite challenging, especially when purchasing online. But with the right tips in mind, finding that perfect monumental piece becomes a breeze.

Follow these simple tips to help you choose the best for you and your wonderful half.

1. Visit only reliable online jewel stores

Shopping online can be fun and adventurous, but it also comes with its challenges, particularly when you're shopping for items like an engagement ring. You want to make sure you shop only from reliable and reputable ring sales websites to avoid falling into any unpleasant situation.

One effective way to determine the validity of a website is to check reviews and testimonials online about the platform. Alternatively, you may ask a couple whom you appreciate their engagement ring for suggestions on the best places to shop for rings online.

2. Know the right size

Rings aren't designed to be one-size-fits-all. So determining the size of the ring for you and your partner is essential to picking the perfect ring. To know your potential partner's ring size, get a ring size measuring tool and measure accordingly. Ensure you aren't wrapping it too tight or loose around the finger to get the perfect figure. These ring measuring tools are highly convenient to use and very affordable.

If you're planning a secret proposal, you might want to find out your partner's ring size without letting them know. For this, you may use the size of their current ring (if they normally wear a ring), and that would suffice.

If that's not feasible, you may playfully (and without raising suspicion) wrap a string around the biggest part of your partner's ring finger. Afterward, mark the part where the string connects or overlaps. Finally, measure the size of the string that you marked with a ruler and that represents your partner's ring size (the circumference of the measured finger).

With the size taken care of, you're rest assured all that's left is finding the right ring design and style.

3. Have a budget in mind

Virtually everything in life comes at a price. It's essential to have a budget in mind before setting out on a ring hunt online. Having a budget will guide you in knowing where to look and save your time and energy. There's no point spending days finding the perfect ring only to discover that your budget will not accommodate such expenses.

As a rule of thumb, your engagement ring should cost at least 2 months' salary. So, for instance, if you're earning $180,000 annually, your engagement ring should ideally cost around $30,000 or more. However, your budget may vary based on several factors, including individual circumstances and the overall engagement budget.

Above all, your engagement ring shouldn't be so costly that it becomes a burden on you. There are lots of high-quality, budget-friendly rings that can "wow" your partner and let them know how much you appreciate their unconditional love.

4. Don't skip the terms and conditions

What happens when your ordered ring doesn't fit as expected or the real design doesn't look like what you want? That's where having a good return policy comes in. If you shop from a platform that doesn't take returned rings, you might be risking a lot. But if the website allows you to return the ring if there's any challenge (within a stipulated time frame), then you might consider them over others just in case.

Finally, look out for the video of your ring or ask to see one if it's nowhere on the website. Usually, a single video will reveal more information about the ring and its look on a finger than hundreds of pictures.

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