Top Wedding Venues in Athens

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Top Wedding Venues in Athens

If you're envisioning a Mediterranean wedding that combines rich history with breathtaking natural beauty, Athens stands as an unrivaled choice. This ancient city, known as the cradle of Western civilization, offers an array of enchanting venues that cater to a diverse range of tastes and preferences.

While Athens boasts numerous exquisite wedding locations, one that truly stands out is the Athenian Riviera, situated roughly 16 kilometers from the heart of downtown Athens. Stretching from the southern suburbs to the southernmost point of Attica, Cape Sounio, this coastal paradise is renowned for its panoramic views of the Aegean Sea, lush olive groves, and an awe-inspiring natural landscape.

The Athens Riviera has firmly established itself as one of the most sought-after wedding destinations in the Mediterranean. Couples with a discerning eye for luxury, a taste for high-quality experiences, and a penchant for the extraordinary find themselves drawn to this idyllic locale. Here, amidst this picturesque backdrop, love stories unfold in an atmosphere of unparalleled elegance.

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In this article, we have meticulously curated a selection of Athens' most exceptional wedding venues. Listed below in alphabetical order, these venues promise to create the perfect setting for your special day, ensuring cherished memories that will last a lifetime.

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Weddings at Ble AthensWeddings at Ble AthensWeddings at Ble Athens

Ble Azure & Ble Pavillon

At Alimos beach, a few minutes away from the center of Athens, there are two dreamy venues surrounded by nature’s serenity and by the endless blue of the sea, perfect for hosting your magnificent wedding reception!

Ble Azure 

An earthly paradise awaits you at Alimos beach where everything seems magical. An idyllic setting, a dreamy natural landscape ideal to organize a wedding reception of high aesthetics. Ble Azure is a green peninsula surrounded by the Saronic sea which can be transformed depending on the concept of your wedding. Whether you have imagined a romantic reception or an unforgettable party, at Ble Azure you can make your dream come true.

Ble Pavillion

Ble Pavillion is a venue of high aesthetics that adds a special touch of elegance to your wedding. With the warm earthy colors, the unlimited sea view and the modern design, it combines functionality with the flawless beauty of the exterior and interior space. Smartly designed to meet the needs of a summer or winter event, without depriving guests of the sun and the sea, since it is located on the coast of Alimos. The minimal aesthetic of the indoor venue and the domination of wood in the decoration warm up the space. The electric opening roof and the bar are a few of the details that make a difference. The indoor space and the garden can function as a single space that hosts up to 750 people for a seated dinner.

Weddings at Grecotel Cape Sounio

Grecotel Cape Sounio

The Grecotel Cape Sounio literally clings to the side of a pine-clad hillside with panoramic views over this ancient monument. Cape Sounio is considered one of the most picturesque location in Athens. It sits on an archaeological site with 2 private beaches and offers beach weddings on one of the most picturesque seafronts in Greece.

The resort is only a few feet away from the Temple of Poseidon which acts as a stunning and unique wedding picture backdrop.

Weddings at Hatzi MansionWeddings at Hatzi MansionWeddings at Hatzi Mansion

Hatzi Mansion

An excellently situated hill atop which lies a plateau with astonishing views to all sides, and especially to the west, towards the Saronic Gulf and the valleys of Anavyssos. In a breathtaking poetic landscape, in the imposing aura of the Byzantine Mansion, the promise of two people to walk together in life, with the blessing of God, finds the perfect setting for a celebration.

Hatzi Mansion opens its gates in the light of the evening and exists to enrich these emotionally charged images with touches of glamor and luxury. Rare ancient Greek marbles, sculptural wall creations, old wooden hand-made roofs with chiseled wood are just some of the elements that will captivate the eye.

On such a canvas of aesthetics, the staff of Domaine Hatzi will orchestrate the most impeccable wedding.

Weddings at Island Art & TasteWeddings at Island Art & TasteWeddings at Island Art & Taste

Island Art & Taste

Island Art and Taste is one of the most popular wedding venues in Athens. It offers the pleasures and privileges of a luxurious private estate on the Athens Riviera for those wanting to host in style. It is one of the most popular wedding venues in Athens, located in the affluent seaside neighborhood of Vouliagmeni.

Composed of six characterful entertaining spaces, this scenic enclave is defined by its sequence of charming gardens featuring dining terraces and lounge areas framed with Mediterranean flowers and filled with sea breezes.

The picturesque waterside chapel lends itself to classic wedding ceremonies, the poolside terrace suggests cocktails under the stars, and the herb garden and private beach invite relaxed afternoon parties for everyone to come together. 

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Weddings at Ktima 48Weddings at Ktima 48Weddings at Ktima 48

Ktima 48

Ktima 48 is a private estate that has been refurbished to the highest specification, to create an outdoor venue suitable for receptions, parties and other events.

Its impressive location, magnificent views, excellent facilities and boutique scale make it an appealing alternative to many hotels and beach resorts located along the Athens riviera.

The small on-site chapel can also be used for outdoor weddings or christenings. Alternatively, guests may prefer the popular church of St. Nicholas of Anavyssos, which is 1 km down the coast. There is also a honeymoon suite on site, which may be offered for wedding night accommodation.

The grass reception area can accommodate 300 people seating; however, more tables can be placed on the hard surface or around the pool, based on event requirements.

Weddings at Lake Vouliagmeni

Lake Vouliagmeni

Lake Vouliagmeni lies in the heart of the Athenian Riviera, providing a top-notch environment for exceptional weddings. It is a unique oasis in a rare landscape that travels your mind to a place like no other.

Just half an hour from the city center, Lake Vouliagmeni is part of NATURA 2000 network and one of the hidden treasures of Attica’s nature. The lake’s waters gush from springs which are located 50 to 100 m underground, thus offering an emerald natural spa, sourced by thermal springs and the sea. The constant flow of renewed water with a stable temperature between 21C and 29C, invites you year-round to indulge in a unique swimming experience.

Under the shadows of the pine trees, with the stunning view to the imposing rocks, Lake Vouliagmeni offers the perfect setting for a dusk till dawn escape. Let the lush surroundings transcend your spirit while elevating your body’s energy in the mineral-rich waters.

Weddings at Melissourgou TowerWeddings at Melissourgou Tower

Pyrgos Melissourgou - Melissourgou Tower

This 17th Century Castle is located at the Southern part of Attica (Lagonissi), just 15 minutes away from the International Airport of Athens. It offers a gorgeous view and unique sun-sets perfect for luxurious and romantic weddings. with a beautiful view to the sea, and with outmost privacy, then the choice is obvious and unique.

The pool, like a natural lake with a beach, is fully integrated in the natural environment, and along with the courts of tennis, basket and beach volley, as well as the ecological playground, they are part of the entertainment of the guests.

A small old church is available for weddings, within the same area, which can easily host more than 600 seated people and more than 1000 for a cocktail reception.

Weddings at Pyrgos PetrezaWeddings at Pyrgos PetrezaWeddings at Pyrgos Petreza

Pyrgos Petreza

In 1980, George Belbas, creator of Pyrgos Petreza, started to collect old materials from tore-down houses and ruins in the area of Spata. He collects old building blocks, wooden doorjambs marbles, railings, roof tiles, wellheads, nails from the tracks of the old Athens-Laurion railroad and everything that has architectural or historical value. He deposits them in his family estate at Petreza. In essence, he gathers pieces of memory and history, which he will transfigure into a new narrative.

Pyrgos Petreza was built from the start with a purpose of hosting. Today, assumes the responsibility to organize family and social events, formal dinners, business dinners, cocktail parties, corporate events, conferences, seminars, daily seminars, tasting meetings, art events etc.

Our exterior spaces and gardens, designed in full harmony with the natural environment, compose a detailed mosaic of colors and odors, plants, flowers and herbs

Weddings at Sea Soul

Sea Soul

Sea Soul is a heartbeat away from Athens, located on the beach of Agios Andreas in Nea Makri.

Seas Soul provides 3 sophisticated venues named after the sea and its beauty: "Ninemia", "en Thalatti" and "en Lefko".

Embraced by the sea, rocks and trees, Sea Soul inspires you to take a highly sophisticated trip through the most precious moments of your life.

Weddings at Margi Farm Weddings at Margi Farm

The Margi

The Margi  is a boutique hotel located in the most exclusive area of the Athenian Riviera, Vouliagmeni. It is situated in an ideal location, just a few steps away from the most elegant sandy beaches and close enough to Athens Historical sites.

For over 50 years The Margi has been hosting the most memorable weddings and special occasions in Athens, and has remained true to providing unrivalled elegance. The Margi takes sophistication to a new level, by selecting the finest to make your family and friends enjoy a lifelong memory. It has 2 spectacular locations: the ultra-modern Margi Hotel, and the laid back chic Margi Farm.

The Margi Farm, surrounded by vineyards and olive trees, has an impressive space, covering an area of ​​several acres, harmoniously combining nature with elegant aesthetics. It is an ideal location for destination weddings seeking a truly authentic experience. 

The Four Seasons Astir PalaceThe Four Seasons Astir PalaceThe Four Seasons Astir Palace

The Four Seasons Astir Palace

Imagine saying your "I do" amid the gentle rustle of grasses and pines, framed by the watercolour spectacle of the sun setting over the Aegean Sea. Here at the tip of the peninsula along the Athens Riviera, your wedding vision will come vibrantly to life.

Located on the sophisticated Athens Riviera, The Four Seasons Astir Palace sits at the tip of a pine-clad peninsula offering the best of both worlds: a laid-back seaside escape just 30 minutes from the historical city centre. Discover the wonders of ancient civilization at the Acropolis, then return to Four Seasons to unwind and relax.

Share a warm Greek welcome as you and your guests gather in our hideaway at the edge of the Aegean – the spectacular views of the sea will make the perfect backdrop for your wedding photography. Whether at an intimate cocktail reception or a grand banquet, our culinary team will deliver the region's freshest flavours, while our dedicated in-house wedding planner takes care of every detail.

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