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Wedding Bouquet Idea: Andromeda Flowers

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Wedding Bouquet Idea: Andromeda Flowers

Every lady is known to have a favorite flower, and you will definitely find out which flowers you love most while planning for your wedding.

Some brides are in love with tulips, while others dream of peonies, but this year there is one flower that is taking center stage, and this flower is the Andromeda.

Andromeda is native to mountain regions of eastern and southern Asia, eastern North America and Cuba. They are broad-leaved evergreen shrubs growing to 1–6 metres tall and 0.9–3.0 meters wide. The flowers are bell-shaped, 5–15 mm long in white or different shades of pink

Andromeda is also known as Pieris, and this beautiful flower is perfect for a bridal bouquet; it looks pretty by itself or mixed with different blooms and greenery.

If you are still not convinced, we chose some breathtaking wedding bouquet pictures that will make you change your mind and have you day dreaming about this stunning flower, take a look below.