Wedding Flower Tips from The Experts

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Wedding Flower Tips from The Experts

If you’re planning on getting married this season, then there are a few things you should know about before heading to the florist.

Brides should always consider the style of their wedding dress, and the seasonality of flowers and ideas to show their florist.

Liz Inigo-Jones of Blue Sky Flowers in the US told ‘Hello’ her top tips on wedding flowers and bridal bouquets. Here they are:

Choose Popular Seasonal Wedding Flowers:

Liz says that there are a lot of flowers available year round, but that it would be great to use seasonal winter flowers, when possible, such as hyacinths, amaryllis, hellebores, paper whites and, of course, everyone's favorite, the ranunculus.

Show Your Florist What You Have in Mind:

"It's very helpful if a bride comes to see me with an idea of what they like and don't like in terms of flowers”, says Liz. This doesn't mean that you have to have an exact or precise vision of the final flower display but, it would be good if you could, at least, identify the flowers that you like and your color scheme.  

"I always suggest to brides that they come to their first consultation armed with magazine cuttings, Pinterest boards etc. of ideas they have, as often what a bride sees and what she describes can be different,” adds Liz.

Choose the Right Flowers for Your Dress:

Liz advises brides to know what sort of dress she will be wearing before selecting her flower bouquet, as this will often determine what size and shape of bouquet she should select. For example, if the wedding dress is very big and detailed it’s recommended  to carry a bouquet that is not too large or busy as the dress will be the main focal point.

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