Wedding Photo Booth Ideas We Love

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Wedding Photo Booth Ideas We Love

There are certain moments in life that you get to experience only once. Your dream wedding is one.  But as the countdown to your big day continues, wedding plans are likely to be consuming your every thought! Soon you'll be sifting through a selection of vendors promising you an unforgettable occasion, including your wedding photographer who will help you set your wedding photo booth.

From flowers to lace, from music to what food to serve, the options are endless. And if you're anything like most women, you’ll soon become an overwhelmed bride-to-be trying to pull together the perfect memorable wedding.

And although this joyous event will live in your heart, nothing beats having something to take you back in time.  The best photographers and videographers understand those wedding memories are timeless and that you will wish to relive the most amazing day of your life over and over again.

Having a photo booth at your wedding will add a lot of fun and humor to your special night, and your guests will have fun taking memorable shots your wedding photographer may never catch.

You can get as creative as you want with your photo booth, here are some ideas to help you get inspired.

Photo Booth Props and Accessories

What makes a wedding photo booth unique and personalized are the props and accessories, which you can personalize and design however you want.

Here are some of our favorite photo prop ideas to give you some inspiration:

  • Statements: Let your guests express themselves with fun statements like “I Came For The Cake”.
  • Accessories: Whether its lips, mustaches, or glasses, your guests will love getting into character with these cute props.
  • Teams: Team bride or team groom? Let your guests cheer for you with these cool props!
  • To Each His Own: Make your bridesmaids, groom, or parents feel special by customizing a special prop for only them to use.

Have a Video Booth

A video booth offers a modern trendy couples a fresh perspective to videography. Having a video booth at your wedding allows you to capture your special moments on video in a fun and creative way and easily share them with others. They prompt you and your guests to smile, laugh, and act more naturally in front of the video camera. 

Beautiful Backdrops

Make sure you have an amazing background for your guests to pose in front of and remember your wedding day every time they looked at the pictures. Here are more wedding backdrop ideas for you to check out!

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