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3 Ways to Scent Your Wedding

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3 Ways to Scent Your Wedding

"Excellence is in the details. Give attention to the details and excellence will come" is a quote by Perry Paxton, which is so true for weddings. 

Every little detail counts, and  you can add so many touches to personalize your wedding and make it more unique.

But many brides forget about a special detail that can add a special touch to their special day, their wedding scent!

And we are not talking about your bridal perfume, but about adding a special scent to your wedding itself. Still confused?

Here is how can you add delicious scents to your wedding day. 

  • Scented Invites:


Take your guests back to the old days and send them invitations that are scented. Use your favorite floral perfume or any fragranced stationary you can find.

If you wanted to add fragrance to your own wedding invitations, place some cotton balls, fragranced with a few drops of essential oil, inside a box with your invitation cards in it, and keep them for a few weeks.

  • Petal Confetti:


Instead of traditional confetti, why not use rose petals? They are a great alternative for your guests to throw instead of the usual confetti.

  • Scented Candles:


Consider placing scented candles around the wedding venue or as centerpieces.

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