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4 Unusual and Fun Wedding Ideas

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4 Unusual and Fun Wedding Ideas

For the unusual couple who are hoping for a fun wedding, where their guests will not stop laughing and having a great time, we have some ideas for you.

Brides and grooms are being more open minded and bold when it comes to their wedding entertainment, so if you’re not looking for a classic wedding, you’ll love these 5 fun wedding ideas couple are having at their weddings:

The Fake Paparazzi:  Hire fake paparazzi to take pictures of your guests and make them feel like celebrities.


The Palm Reader: Have a palm reader wander round the tables and entertain your guests.


Surprise First Dance: This trend is becoming very popular, as couples are surprising their guests with a dance routine they worked on. For more videos click here!

Singing Waiters: You’re guests will be so shocked when all the waiters burst singing and do a small performance.