5 Cool Alternatives to Petal and Rice Toss for Your Wedding

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5 Cool Alternatives to Petal and Rice Toss for Your Wedding

It is traditional to throw rice, confetti or rose petals at newly married couples at weddings around the world. Tossing rice is a symbol of fertility, while confetti for the Italians, symbolizes money and good fortune.

This tradition, which originated long time ago in the United Kingdom, started with throwing wheat at the bride and groom as a symbol of fertility. Under Queen Elizabeth I, wheat cakes where broken up and thrown at newlyweds. Once wheat became costly, it was replaced by rice.

The tossing tradition has over the years also seen its way into Arab weddings. If you are considering it but do not want to stick to rice or rose petals, here are 5 new innovative ideas to pick from.  

Your guests will have a lot of fun welcoming you to the venue or sending you off after the wedding while tossing these at you both: 

Sequins and Glitter










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