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DIY Wedding Guest Book

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DIY Wedding Guest Book

Guest books are great to keep as a memory and help you remember who came to your wedding. Your guestbook shouldn't be dull or conventional. It should be personal and show your personality.

Don't buy an ordinary guest book for an exciting event such as your wedding! Have some fun with it!

If you're ready to get crafty and creative, here is a step-by-step for you to make your very own guestbook:

1. Buy a simple blank book. You can find them at any stationary store. And don’t worry about the design on the cover, you will be changing it yourself later.

2. You will also need:

  • Double sided tape
  • Ruler
  • Scissors
  • Decorative paper or fabric
  • Craft glue or glue gun
  • Embellishments: beads, flowers, labels, jewels, glitter! Whatever your heart desires.
  • Stencil, marker or paint

3. Don't confuse yourself! Design and decorate your guestbook according to your wedding theme and colors.

4. Select the paper or fabric that you want to use as a cover. Cut it evenly with the height and about 1 and a half centimeters bigger than the width of the book. Wrap it just like you used to wrap you textbooks at school! Seal the cover with double sided tape.

5. Personalize your guestbook. Here comes the fun part! Use craft glue or a glue gun to stick the pretty embellishments you picked out! You can add glitter, wrap your book with a ribbon, put your initials or pictures on it; you can even add a poem nicely written.

Now you're done with your guestbook, make sure all your guests sign it.

You don't have to place it on a stand as some guest might not pay attention to it, so ask a friend to circulate the book and ask people to write their wishes, advice and funny comments!