Pictures of Iman and Mohamad's Wedding in Dubai

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Pictures of Iman and Mohamad's Wedding in Dubai

Iman Fawaz and Mohamad Berro got married on 20 January, 2018 at the Waldorf Astoria The Palm Dubai.

Wedding Photographer: Morgan Lynn Razi

Wedding Videographer: Sculpting With Time

Wedding Dress: Youssef Kamoun

Wedding Planner: Remarkable UAE

Wedding Flowers: Firenze Flora

Wedding AV & Lighting: Timevents productions

Rentals: Mint Experience

What is the best advice you can give for brides and grooms who are planning their wedding?

"Start early, give yourself enough time to have what you want. Finally, don’t let anything or anyone ruin your happiness on the day, it happens only once so be positive and enjoy each and every moment even the mess ups because you will laugh at them later."