Unique Wedding Pictures From All Over the World

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Unique Wedding Pictures From All Over the World

Weddings are celebrated differently in each and every country. When it comes to tradition, each country has its own. But no matter how different these wedding traditions are, they all celebrate one thing: 'LOVE'!

Wedding photography can always put a smile on anyone's face, some are funny, some are emotional, and others are simply beautiful.

If you love to look at unique, heartwarming wedding pictures that capture different cultures and backgrounds then you will love the pictures we bring you.

We would like to share these unique pictures of weddings from around the world with you, they gave us one big smile!

Happiness From Jordan

Jordanian groom dancing on his relative’s shoulders at a mass wedding.

Russian Bridal Makeup

Unique bridal makeup of a Russian bride in a parade of 100 brides.

Limo Ride

Bride and groom in Limo on the way to their wedding in Baghdad.

Chinese Ceremony

130 couples from around China take part in a wedding ceremony in Shanxi.

Crazy Souls

Bride taking the plunge during River Rock Festival in South Carolina.

Damascus Bride

Damascan bride getting ready for her wedding after crossing the Syrian-Israeli border into Israel.

The Brunei Royal Wedding

Prince Abdul Malik of Brunei exchanged vows with Dayangku Raabi'atul 'Adawiyyah Pengiran Haji Bolkiah in front of crowds of friends and family in April 2015. See more pictures of this royal wedding here!

Forever and Ever

A 75-year-old groom and an 87-year-old bride during a mass wedding in Honduras.

Colorful Cultures

A colorful Palestinian wedding ceremony.

Floods of Love

Bride and groom kiss on a flooded street in Manila, Philippines during a hurricane.

Love Conquers All

A Syrian rebel exchanging rings with his bride; a nurse who treated his injured leg.

Sparkly Moment in Poland

"Positive energy and spontaneity of the newlyweds, as well as excellent humor from the guests, helped capture this moment, and created the final effect," said Polish photographer Rafał Donica.

Dream Venue in Namib Desert

"We asked the couple to stand perfectly still for 10 seconds and shot the whole scene with only ambient light from the venue," said photographer Ruan Redelinghuys of this image taken in the Namib Desert.

From Above

This bride and groom look tiny surrounded by a sea of green, but they still stand out.

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