The Y Dove Wedding in Saudi Arabia

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The Y Dove Wedding in Saudi Arabia

This is a wedding that takes us to a world of dream and wonder! The wedding was designed by the talented Saudi Jeddah-based wedding designer and planner Amjad Yamani for one of the elite families in Al Madina, in the north western part of Saudi Arabia. 

The concept of this splendid wedding was glamour and peace; the theme and decoration were inspired by doves and water, which were reflected through the flower arrangements on the tables that looked like the flow of water. The team used different types of flowers such as blue hydrangeas, white lilies, white phalaenopsis, as well as, pink and purple roses in different shapes.

The wedding cake was majestic, an all-white tiered cake with detailed wings of a dove coming out of the sides of the cake, making it one wedding cake to never forget!

The bridal kosha was absolutely glamorous with a deep blue seat to represent the colors of water, and a breathtaking backdrop shaped like wings.

Dove motifs and statues were added to some of the flower arrangements and hung throughout the wedding hall to give a peaceful feeling and add another dimension to this beautiful theme.

The wedding was all about delicacy and peacefulness, take a look at the pictures below. 

Wedding Planner: Amjad Yamani

Wedding Venue: Leylati Wedding Hall

Wedding Photography: Rima Wedding Photo

Wedding Cake: Reem Secret Cake