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Yasmine Sabri and Ahmed Abou Hashima Announce Engagement

Yasmine Sabri and Ahmed Abou Hashima Announce Engagement

Egyptian businessman and ex-husband of Haifa Wehbe, Ahmed Abou Hashima announced his engagement with Egyptian actress and celebrity Yasmine Sabri.

The couple celebrated their engagement a week ago but kept it a secret from the media.

But later Ahmed Abou Hashima announced that the couple had an intimate celebration surrounded by friends and family, he also revealed that the celebration did not take place in Egypt.

Ahmed Abou Hashima shared a picture of his hand holding Yasmine's hand and Yasmine shared the picture of her engagement ring as well.

The pictures went viral on social media, which made Ahmed Abou Hashima announce the engagement publicly.

According to reports, Yasmine's engagement ring is a 5.8-carat diamond ring by Diam Jewellery.

Many commented on the age difference between the two, as Ahmed Abou Hashima was born on 11 January 1975 and Yasmine Sabri was born on 21 January 1987 which makes the age difference between them 12 years.

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