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Tunis, the vibrant capital of Tunisia, is a city that captivates with its contrasting charm. Tunis is located in north-eastern Tunisia on the Mediterranean Sea. It sits on the western shore of the Gulf of Tunis, with Lake Tunis separating it from the open sea. The city itself extends along the coastal plain and up the hills that surround it.

Tunis boasts a captivating blend of ancient history, modern energy, and warm hospitality. It seamlessly blends ancient medina alleyways with bustling modern avenues, offering a walk through time and a taste of both traditional and contemporary Tunisia. The city's architecture, cuisine, and culture reflect its unique position at the crossroads of the Mediterranean and Arab worlds, creating a captivating fusion of flavors, sights, and sounds.

Tunis weddings are a captivating blend of tradition, modernity, and vibrant celebrations, as Tunis offers a truly unique and exotic experience for your wedding, blending ancient history, vibrant culture, and modern energy. Your guests will be mesmerized by the contrasting charm of the city. Tunis is relatively budget-friendly. You can find beautiful venues, delicious catering, and stunning accommodations without breaking the bank. From traditional riads to modern hotels and beachfront locations, Tunis offers a wide range of venues to suit your wedding style and budget.