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Saiid Kobeisy

Saiid Kobeisy wedding dresses are simply beautiful! Take a look at all the collections of wedding dresses by Saiid Kobeisy including the latest wedding gowns, and find out where in the Middle East you can find Saiid Kobeisy wedding dresses.

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A visionary artist, a dreamer and a passionate person. Foreign cultures and civilizations in addition to his Lebanese culture played a very important role for having a constant inspiration. Becoming who he is , owning his own brand was like a childhood dream. His passion toward fashion was the reason behind him not giving up. Saiid Kobeisy dresses describe him, and his character is translated through every single detail and effort he put into his work. Saiid Kobeisy wedding dresses are made with passion and you will not find anything like it. 

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